What Does Berkey Water Filter Remove?


    There are a lot of water filters in the market with a lot being known for different reasons. Some might be good for tap water while others can be used for much dirtier waters. Berkeley water filter is a good filter to eliminate any kind of bacteria present and they come in different sizes to fit your daily needs and tasks. A lot of people wonder why Berkey water is so good and also wonder just what it removes and how it eliminates these bacteria.

    Lots of scientific tests have come to prove that Berkey water filter gas a microfilament that is able to filter out a lot of sediments as well as removing turbidity which is caused by chemicals as well as microorganisms and viruses which can cause diseases and illnesses.

    Some of the things Berkey water filter can remove and just it can remove includes:

    Virus – as much as 99.9%

    Fluoride – as much as 99.9%

    Arsenic – as much as 99.9%

    Iron – as much as 99.9%

    Lead – as much as 99.9%

    Mercury – as much as 99.9%

    Chlorine – as much as 99.9%

    Petroleum contaminants – as much as 99.9%

    Trihalomethane(THMs) – as much as 99.8%

    Pesticides – as much as 99.9%

    Bisphenol-A – as much as 99.9%.

    Pathogenic Bacteria – as much as 99.9%

    Chloramines – as much as 99.9%.

    Heavy metals – as much as 99.1%

    Pharmaceuticals – as much as 99.5%.

    Methylcyclohexane-methane – as much as 99.9%.

    Coliform and e-Coli – as much as  99.9%.

    Gross Alpha emitters – as much as 98.7 %

    Atrazine – as much as 99.9%.

    Uranium – as much as 97.0%.

    A lot of water filters are just water filters as although some claim to be water purifiers, there are certain qualifications a product had to attain in order to be known as a water purifier. There are specifications and performances necessary such as it removing at least 99.9% of pathogenic bacteria as well as reducing viruses as much as 99.9% as well.

    This is one of the reasons why Berkey filters are classified as water purifiers. This is because of their ability to remove as much of pathogenic bacteria and viruses and even exceed standards as the case may be. This means you can use it on the go and even at home. These filters come in different shapes and sizes which can fit on your countertops and can be used for hiking, camping, etc.

    Wherever you are, there is a Berkey water filter to get rid of the dirt and contaminants present in your water or in any water body. They eliminate all these pathogens and so much more and can filter as much as 3000 gallons which can double as much filters as you add to it.

    Does Berkey water filter remove fluoride?

    A common question amongst a lot of people who want to know just how Berkey filters work is if it eliminates fluoride from water and the answer is Yes. The black Berkey can eliminate greater than 99.9% of fluoride from water and this is what makes it a great water purifier as well as a filtration system.  However, it is important to know you can reduce fluoride more efficiently is to ensure you add additional post-filters which work together with your system. A complete set of Berkey PF 2 elements would remove as much as 1,000 gallons of fluoride.

    This can be known as one of the best water filtration systems Berkey has to over as it eliminates a lot of other impurities such as MTBE, arsenic and a lot of heavy metals. It removes any kind of inorganic sales and since they are soluble in water, that is an impressive task because it doesn’t matter what fluoride salt is present in water, the bottom line is that it can absorb fluoride ions regardless.


    Berkey water filter system is one of the best systems you can find and it is a great way to eliminate almost all kinds of impurities that affect water both in urban and rural areas. They come in different sizes and lets you use them just about anywhere you are in the world. To find out more on Berkey water filters and make purchases, visit us here at https://www.usaberkeyfilters.com/ for more.