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What Are The Typical Signs Of 5 Common STDs


Each sexually transmitted disease enter the body differently and show signs of infection in their own ways based on the gender of the infected. While abstinence is the best way to prevent STDs, condoms are the next best thing to protecting yourself from STDs. 

Chlamydia and Gonorrhea – These diseases are the result of bacteria that take a day or so to show up in urine and swabs. Most people will not experience any symptoms although others may notice pain, discharge and fever. The bacteria can be present in the rectum, penis, throat, vagina and cervix. 

Genital Herpes – This is a virus with no known cure. Even when there are no active sores, the virus is still lying dormant in the body. A person can pass the virus to another person even without symptoms and sores present. Once a person is exposed, lesions tend to appear after two to 12 days after having unprotected sex. The sores may last nearly four weeks before finally going away. 

Syphilis – This disease is caused by a bacteria, and has multiple stages it goes through. In the first stage, a painless sore appears that lasts up to six weeks. 

HIV – This virus is very tricky, and testing for it can be just as bad. It can take up to six months before a positive test result after HIV exposure. Many HIV-positive people don’t even know they have it for close to three years before they figure out something isn’t right. For example, they may have flu-like symptoms, swollen glands in the groin, neck and armpits.  Persons are advised to get tested every six months after having unprotected sex or engaging in risky behaviors such as sharing needles or having sex with a prostitute or other sex worker.