To stay fit and healthy, it is necessary to exercise. However, Yoga is even more beneficial than exercise because it ensures physical, mental and spiritual wellness of an individual. By practicing different yoga postures, you can improve your flexibility and stability. Yoga can be slightly tricky to learn at home and it can get quite hectic to go to yoga classes. But the help comes in the form of Jeevah, Jeevah is a smartwatch which acts as your trainer, your feedback mechanism and even allows guided sessions. It is the first ever smartwatch designed to focus on yoga and meditation techniques.

    Jeevah is designed to make people aware of yoga and to allow them to adopt yogic lifestyle while saying goodbye to diseases. Yoga ensures an active metabolism which prevents you from diseases.

    Features of Jeevah:

    1. Acts as a guide:

    Jeevah has AI technology which has the ability to provide customized yoga practices from person to person depending upon their age, weight and medical history.

    1. Acts as a stress manager:

    There are times when you get stressed, Jeevah has the capability to give you alerts relating to stress and also identifies signs of stress. It gives reminders to people to breathe deeply.

    1. Easy readability:

    Even if you are exposed to rays of sunlight, you will surely be able to read the LCD screen easily.

    1. Simple Design:

    Unlike smartwatches that come with so many buttons and complex functions that it becomes difficult to understand, Jeevah has an uncluttered design and is very easy to use.

    1. Decent battery life:

    Smartwathces lose their battery in a heartbeat, but Jeevah has a very decent battery life which lasts for 5 days.

    It also comes with a bunch of other useful features including music control, heart rate monitor, step counter, phone location, calendar and weather, free interactive yoga modules and others.

    If you have a lifestyle disease then you certainly need Jeevah in your life because it provides you an opportunity to get live yoga training and consultation from the yoga gurus depending upon your yoga routine. Since it has a minimalist design and as it is designed to reduce distractions, it will not bother you during your practices. The yoga routines that you will be following are research backed so you will definitely see a notable difference.

    Why is Jeevah different from others?

    Jeevah is different from smartwatches in several ways, the first is that it is the first smartwatch that is ever made to focus upon yoga practices. Secondly, unlike complex functions and functioning, this smartwatch is quite simple in design and quite simple to use as well. it also has the ability to reduce clutter. Lastly, the very unique thin about this smartwatch is that the yoga routines provided are trusted by well-known yoga gurus and the practices can be customized according to the age, weight and medical history of people. Due to the customized yoga routines, it is very likely that you notice a greater impact in your personality and your health. You will also be able to prevent yourself from many diseases. Another cool thing about this smartwatch is that it is waterproof. You can even send text messages and set alarms when needed.

    Working of Jeevah:

    Connectivity and working of Jeevah is as simple as its design. With bluettoth, Jeevah can connect to your phone or any smart device. Once you have downloaded the Jeevah app on your phone, the software updates related to Jeevah will be automatically transferred to Jeevah.

    With the purchase, you get the Jeevah smartwatch, free app download and even webapp subscription.

    Jeevah is very beneficial for mental and physical health of people as it lets them practice yoga. However, it is necessary to bring this product to the wrists of the whole world so that every person can remain healthy and happy.

    Any funds that you will give to support this smartwatch will help in the production tooling, large component order, certifications and complete app. The team of Jeevah was founded in 2015, it consists of software developers, AI specilaists, hardware enginners and many other experts to put in effort to build the dream smart watch specifically for yoga. This smartwatch needs your support and funding because it gives the message of staying healthy through yoga with the help of technology.