Kids Mattresses You Can Have Easily Now


    For your baby, it is sure that you have done everything so that he lacks nothing, from the choice of his clothes, through the toys to his mattress which accompanies him during his sleep. And there, time passes so quickly that you are at the stage where it is necessary to renew its baby mattress.

    When your child begins to express his wishes, you take them into account as much as you can. However, he will never complain that he has aches or backache. You may, without knowing it, not worry about the quality of his bedding. However, this remains a problem insofar as your little being grows and continually needs comfort during sleep. The challenge remains difficult to choose the ideal, unless your arm yourself with our advice to better choose the best kids mattress.

    Mattresses: when to go from a baby mattress to a child mattress?

    Although your child spends less time on his bed than when he was a baby, he still needs a good restful sleep during the night and in the afternoon. Opinions differ when it comes to defining exactly at what age a child is no longer a baby. But to put it simply, it will be said that when he no longer fits in his little bed and his feet start to go over the edge, there, you will judge for yourself that it is time to change his bedding.

    It is during his childhood that he will be able to develop his intellectual capacities such as learning, memorization as well as the capacity of concentration. In parallel, his physique will also develop, but without a good sleep, all this risks being compromised. Scientists have unanimously recognized the importance of sleep in growing children. Indeed, it is during deep slow sleep that growth hormones are secreted. The other phases of sleep also contribute to the child’s good intellectual development.

    Choose a good mattress for your child

    A parenthesis is essential to better understand the sleep cycle of a child. From the age of 4, the total duration of sleep is reduced due to the absence of a nap (less than 12 hours). You may have noticed that your little one does not want to fall asleep in the afternoon and prefers to play outside. That said, if he is very active during the day, he recovers from rest in the evening when he falls asleep. He will fall into a deep sleep during the first part of the night. 


    It is only at this stage and only at this stage that growth hormone is secreted. In the absence of deep sleep, there will be no secretion. The role of this hormone is to promote not only the physical development of the child, but also the repair of worn cells and tissues. REM sleep will only occur 3 hours after this first phase. Its mission is to organize and strengthen the memorization of the information that the child has acquired during the day. REM sleep will also reduce the tensions accumulated during the day.