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All You Need To Know About Face Serum


Women are always more possessive about their skin, look and take extra care by moisturizing and applying SPF as part of daily skin routine. However, in the last few years, several brands have come up with their special formulas and claim them to be the best skin products that can not give birth to your old dull skin. It does not mean that toner, balms, moisturizers, cold creams have not played their part in skin regiments but the product itself is carrying the whole beauty market to one level is surely the serum.

The serum that is lightweight and packed with multi nutrients helps in making and keeping the skin healthy glowing and radiant for a long time because it is not a beauty product only but a medical treatment that treats your skin problems and make them correct.

Applying face serums are just like taking important vitamins for your skin and body. Because of their formula, it is rich in vitamin, and face serums act in many subtle ways likea hyaluronic acid serum for your body and skin. Most of these liquid formulas contain antioxidants that can protect from radicals. In this way, one can easily beat the ageing process and get to enjoy the fresh and healthy-looking skin for a long time. However, currently, one has several options as far as the brands and quality levels are concerned. Moreover, some serum works on some types of skins and others on another type. So to select the most suited option you need to delve yourself into deep research. Educate yourself! So you can buy the best available option and see the difference for yourself.

Because this is a very common practice that people purchase their friend’s recommendation without even doing the simple research and studying one’s skin type. This is why, after applying these products for weeks, the user is unable to find any remarkable difference and put the blame on the brand and product.

If you are among these people, then here is your guide that will educate you and make you able to choose the best option for yourself: Let’s start!

Keep the vitamins in check:

Serums are not just a beauty product but medicine. They are rich in multivitamins and treat the skin deeply. This is why, if you are deciding to add a serum in your daily skin routine, then the first thing you need to do is to check the vitamins and their ratio. Check the percentage to which all the components are present.

Texture matters:

Make sure your skin is moisturized because moisturizer lets the face serum penetrate the skin and let them work more effectively. There is a simple rule that says to apply the face serums to texture, and it startsfrom the thinnest and ends up to the thickest. Oily skin needs thin texture, whereas rough and dry skin needs deep moisturizing and goes perfectly with the thick textured serum and creams.

Let it settle for some time:

After you use the serum,give it time to settle down for some time and then apply the moisturizer on it. After the serum is absorbed completely, it is a good idea to penetrate the skin surface with moisturizer. In this way, you can easily ditch on the dryness as well as from the greasiness and oil blemishes.

Use Cautiously:

Many people start using the products in abundance when they came to know about their benefits. However, skin products do not work in this way but have to be kept in limit and measured quantity. Serums are especially concentrated, and just a small quantity can do wonders. Therefore, instead of over usage, start with the few drops and keep it warm with your fingertips, and start rubbing it on your face in circular motions. However, there is always an option to add more!

Shop carefully:

There are several serums available in the market, varied in prices and brand ranges. This is encouraging to know that you have a lot of choices available in the market to select good quality and reliable serum. But it all depends on the ingredients you are using, you can also choose your option and able to shop from a wide rangefor specific skin issues. Such as ageing, skin brightening, sun damage, uneven skin tone, acne, blemishes, red spots, etc.

Keep them cool and chilled:

You might have noticed that most of the serums are packed inside dark-tinted glass bottles. The reason for this that they are full of ingredients that lack active components and come with specific expiring dates that mean their commercial life is supposed to be short. This is why you should avoid storing these types of serums in humid and hot places and make sure to keep it in a cool place like a refrigerator.The refrigeration or small freezercan help you keep the powerful and important ingredients safe and will keep it fresh also when you start applying it as a moisturizer.

Select Serum Carefully:

Give the product some time so it can kick into the curb. It is better to use your new serum forsome days or at least a month or so. Try to give your serum trial run and if you found any error because all serums cannot do the work on your skin. Additionally, all skin types are prone to certain irritations and breakouts like eczema and rosacea, that weaken the skin surface. This is why it is necessary to make a purchase that is suitable for your skin type. Because one serum can work on one skin type, but for you, it could be utterly useless.


Serums are the new type of skin products that work as a medicine and keep your skin refreshing from the inside out. If you do have some serious skin problems, make sure to not only consult with your dermatologist but do your research on the internet as well. Because in this way you will not only get the best product for yourself but also able to analyze the pros and cons most effectively.