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Choosing Your Options for Dispensary Management


When going on a trip, you must stay in control of the situation and therefore manage your team from a distance. It may seem difficult at first glance, nothing beats the closeness to make sure that the work will be done on time and in the way you want. Today, the Internet has revolutionized the way we work. Communicating has never been so simple and economical. Discover our three tips to help you manage your staff remotely.

Creating Scheduled Meetings

As you probably already do when you’re in the office, you need to keep a regular update on the progress of projects. The best way to ensure the continuity of your business is to continue to organize these meetings. Although you are abroad, you will still be able to find a time slot to run one of these meetings. Try to create a routine about these meetings. If time changes, be sure to schedule at least one weekly meeting on a specific day. From the Downtown Los Angeles Cannabis Dispensary promotions you can have the best choices in every possible manner now.

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By talking face to face with your team, you will demonstrate your continued presence. This highlights your commitment to meeting objectives and your availability. Because it is the very idea of ​​this meeting, to make sure that each member of your team is able to carry out his work. Too often, an employee is waiting for instructions or action from his or her supervisor. By organizing scheduled meetings, you will be able to maintain the productivity of your team . These meetings can be held through Skype or GoToMeeting. Reliable and economical software!

Diaries And Specifications Online

So that you can, if necessary, guide one of your employees. You need to access the different folders . We live in a world where paper is being minimized. You already have a large majority of documents in digital format. Take the time to share them online before you leave. Many software packages allow you to publish documents on the cloud.

Google Docs is a particularly interesting solution for SMEs. You can upload many documents online and have multiple people edit it at the same time. Learning to use this tool will only take a few minutes and can save you valuable time! By properly organizing your documents and making them available online, you will finally be able to become a 100% mobile leader.

We recommend the free tool  which allows you to save online up to 3 GB of data online, and to share the documents you want to make available to your employees. Install Dropbox for free by clicking there.

Stay Available And Responsive On The Move

Being able to access documents and communicate once or twice a week with your team is not enough. You are in most cases the decision maker. It is therefore you who must give your approval for an action to be carried out. To speed up processes, make sure to stay available even when you are ten thousand miles away from your office. This can be done in a very simple way. Choose a single means of communication: email, Skype or even through social networks.

Check the messages at least once a day and answer within 24 hours. By remaining as responsive, you make sure you follow and control all the tasks in progress. It has never been easier and cheaper to manage a remote team. A large number of SMEs have already moved to full online management.

The Last Words

For this to happen properly, you need to organize your documents and procedures before you leave. Several weeks of adaptation may be necessary depending on your activity and the size of your structure. By sharing your documents online, you can make them available to a new member of the team in seconds. Using staff working remotely has now become a very common solution. So traveling and running your business at the same time is only a matter of organization! It’s up to you to try the experiment.