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3 Things to Regrow Your Lost Hair


You may have read in several blogs of hair loss that guys who had dense and smooth hair in their teens. They started losing hair when they started coloring their hair. They were using the top brands and believed that it will not harm their hair anyway. After 6-7 years of coloring hair, they started losing hair.You can save your hair if you take notice it early. Experts suggest taking ginseng hair loss supplements to treat hair loss. Ginseng is beneficial not only for hair, but for overall health.

Head massage

Most of the people cannot understand the importance of a good head massage. When you massage your head, chinese medicine hair loss increases the blood circulation in your scalp. This is beneficial in supply of oxygenand nutrients to your hair follicles. If your hair roots will get proper nourishment, then it is obvious they will become healthier.

A million dollar question is which the right massage oil. You can head massage with any oil of your choice. You can do it with or without oil; it is totally up to you. Using oilfor massage is good and cold-pressed oils like olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil or almond oil are preferred.

The best time to massage your head is night. Gently massage for at least five minutes and leave it overnight. If you want to wash your hair early, then wait for an hour at least. This will help oil to soak in your skin. For healthier and stronger hair, you need to massage twice a week.

Use a wide toothcomb

If you have dense hair, then use a wide tooth- comb is gentle on your health. This comb gives massaging effect on your scalp. In case,you are using sharp plastic combs, then this is the right time to change it. You need to opt for a better alternative of wooden combs.

Fingernail rubbing

You may have heard about this ancient technique of fingernail rubbing. This is believed to bring good results provided you do it on a regular basis. In this fingernail rubbing technique, you are supposed to rub your fingernails against each other for at least 10 minutes on a daily basis. It stimulates hair growth. In this modern world, you will find thousands of people are following this ancient practice and benefiting from it. Many people have claimed to regrow hair on bald areas.