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What is Lung Regeneration with Stem Cell Therapy?


Stem cells are arguably the most remarkable cells in the body. They have the power to self-renew and differentiate, transforming into specialized cell types such as blood, muscle, and brain cells. Thanks to these incredible qualities, stem cells hold extraordinary potential in the realm of regenerative medicine.

One such application researchers are exploring is the use of stem cells for lung regeneration. Lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cystic fibrosis, and lung cancer affect hundreds of thousands of people across the U.S. Standard treatments for these conditions include medications and, in some cases, lung transplants. With a shortage of donor lung tissue, a pressing need for alternative therapies has emerged. Researchers from the Mayo Clinic believe the answer could lie in stem cell therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy for Lung Regeneration

While research (nofollow) is ongoing, experts from the Mayo Clinic believe that taking stem cells from a patient and repopulating a lung matrix to produce new lung tissue could very well become a clinical reality. In other words, these powerful cells could hold the answer to building new lungs artificially.

In theory, the process would work by using a patient’s own induced pluripotent stem cells and manipulating them to differentiate into lung cells. These patient-specific lung cells would then be re-administered to the patient through stem cell therapy.

Previous research has also been presented to the European Respiratory Society indicating stem cells’ ability to reduce lung inflammation. For inflammatory conditions such as COPD and cystic fibrosis, this capability could have especially important implications. In animal studies, stem cell therapy significantly reduced signs of inflammation in lung tissue, while also drastically improving lung structure.

Research (no follow) has also shown that stem cell therapy could specifically benefit patients who may not qualify for lung transplantation or other treatments, especially those with end-stage lung diseases. While studies are ongoing and further research must be performed, this is just one example of the groundbreaking potential of regenerative medicine, and in particular, stem cell therapy.

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