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2 Types of Specialized Dentists


Your teeth are some of the most important bones in your body. Since they are typically the only bones that are openly exposed to the outside world, they require specialized types of cleaning and care. Brushing your teeth and flossing are two types of specialized tooth care you can do on your own, and general dentists can give your teeth a deep clean. However, some dentists can provide other services specific to other areas of tooth care.

Cosmetic Dentists

While most dentists focus on keeping your teeth clean and healthy, cosmetic dentists specialize in making your teeth look good. If you’re someone who is often in front of a camera, or if you are displeased with some aspect of your teeth or smile, you may want to look into cosmetic dentistry Montgomery TX. One common procedure people get is intensive teeth whitening, which will leave your smile brighter than ever, which is incredibly desirable for on-camera personalities.


A prosthodontist does exactly what you would think. He or she creates prostheses, or replacements, for teeth. Often, prosthodontists work to create a more comfortable configuration of teeth if the patient’s mouth is overcrowded. Prosthodontics can also be used for cosmetic purposes, but it is more frequently used for functional purposes. If you think prosthodontics might be right for you, ask your general dentist and do some research on your own before deciding.

These are not the only specialized types of dentistry, but they are the two types that can most affect how your teeth look. One of the most common types of specialized dentists is the orthodontist, who specializes in tooth realignment and often treats patients with braces. There are even more types of dentists out there that can do anything you could want to your teeth, so if you’re looking to have dental work done, there is a dentist out there for you.