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What could be done if a fever is not cured completely?


The elevation of core body temperature is known as fever. Human body temperature is maintained and regulated by the thermoregulatory centre which is located in the human brain, to be specific within the hypothalamus. Fever is usually caused by infection. However, fever can also be caused by non-infectious diseases. Fever is a common and general symptom that had happened to every one of us. Book appointment by DoctoronCall will help you to see the doctor you wish in dealing with your health issues including fever.

Fever has many characteristics and features that may lead the physician to a certain diagnosis. Some diagnosis is self-limiting and needs only supportive treatment, and some are more serious and might possess a threat to your life. This is all depending on the underlying causes. Body temperature can be measured at the ear, mouth, and rectal. The most accurate reading is the temperature recorded within the ear or also known as tympanic temperature.

The normal human body temperature is 37-degree Celsius or 98.6-degree Fahrenheit. A core body temperature of more than 37-degree Celsius or 98.6-degree Fahrenheit is known as fever. The substance that causes fever is called pyrogens. If you have a fever, please visit a doctor to make sure that the correct diagnosis is made and appropriate treatment can be given. Fever is not always caused by a common cold!

As the majority of fevers are due to viral infections, they are mostly self-limiting and supportive treatment is adequate. They are:

  • Tepid sponging
  • anti-fever medications like paracetamol, acetaminophen, and NSAIDs
  • Cooling blankets
  • Drinking a sufficient amount of plain water
  • Consume a healthy and balanced diet

Treating fever with anti-fever medications will not only cure fever, but will also treat muscle pain, joint pain, and headache. Although fever in adults is usually self-limiting, that’s not the case for children. Fever among children is critical and possess a threat to their well-being and life. Paediatricians are professionals who are trained to deal with this kind of issue. The treatment might be different for children in comparison to adults. Self-treating your kids is a bad and dangerous idea.

Please bring them to see a doctor for further assessment and treatment. Let’s say if a fever is not cured completely, the same action should be taken with urgency. Please get medical attention from qualified and registered physicians. Doctors are there to help you and not to harm you. Do not hesitate or afraid to see one. Unresolve fever can be due to many dangerous illnesses such as tuberculosis, dengue, cancer, and many more.

If the doctor responsible for treating you advise you to stay in the hospital, please follow their advice as they are doing their best to heal you. If you are allowed to go home and you are given medications for you to take, please take them accordingly. All medical advice and medications given are meant to help you and not to harm you.

Some of us are a fan of alternative medicine. There is nothing wrong with trusting alternative medicine except that alternative medicine is lacking in scientific evidence. Seeking for alternative medicine is like gambling your health and life. Book appointment by DoctoronCall is here to help you in seeking treatment from a qualified, registered, and well-trained doctors.