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7 Easy Things You Can Do To Contribute To Clean India


We all strive hard to keep our home clean, and each family member performs a particular duty in keeping the entire house clean. Similarly, India is our home, and each individual must try hard, perform their duty, and take a step to keep India clean.

Clean India should be the motto of every Indian, and if all work together, we will surely makeour India the most immaculate and green country. India is a very vast country when anyone thinks of a clean India, and it seems like a tough job. However, with small steps from all can result in a massive revolution.

So what can be those baby steps that all the citizens can follow without any fuss?

Here are the basic seven things that we all can follow to make India clean and green.


  • Carry Shopping Bag As Well As A Water Bottle-


Before stepping out of the house, make sure to carry a lightweight carry bag in your purse or pocket, along with a small water bottle. This small deed will result in less usage of plastic bags as well as plastic bottles.


  • Divide The Wastage At Home Into Three Parts-


Instead of using one big garbage can, divide the garbage into main three garbage cans, dry trash, wet waste garbage trash which contains other unusable items like used cells, used printer ink pack, and so on. The division will help the garbage collector to throw the waste in their respective carriers.


  • Make Your Own Compose By Using The Scraps From Home


Doing so, you will also get a very high-quality fertilizer by your compost. Prepare a small pit in your yard and dump the wasted food items, peels of vegetables and fruits, and the remains of all other edible items. A very useful compose will be available, which can be used as a fertilizer.


  • Do Not Litter Around In Public Places


Nibbling on chips is okay while you are outing. However, make sure that you do not throw the wrappers in public places. Collect them in your bag and throw in the nearest dustbin available or throw in the trash after coming home.


  • If Possible Take Part In Cleaning Campaigns


Participate in cleaning campaigns mainly after festivals or any special occasions, as mostly the beaches are full of garbage and trash. 


  • Keep Your Home As Well As Surroundings Swept And Dust-free


A clean home can lead to a clean nation when you keep your home and yard surrounding it clean, and ultimately the area gets cleaner.


  • If You Own A Pet, Collect Its Litter In A Poop Bag While Strolling Him


Pets need a walk, but being an animal, it can litter around while strolling. Make sure to carry a poop bag and collect its litter while walking.

If every citizen follows these simple yet effective tips, India will be one of the cleanest countries inthe world.