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Top 5 Hair Care Mistakes Every Modern Man Makes


It’s been noticed that men are quire careless about their hair. At the most they can get a haircut with a local traditional barbershop once in two months and use some random gel on special occasions. For the modern men, it is important to understand that a good care of your hair is essential and not just any hair care product will do. If you’re like other men, the time is now to checkout this list of 5 common hair care mistakes that men make.


You can’t just visit a local store and pick any shampoo bottle that says “Shampoo”. Remember that a wrong shampoo can leave your follicles dry, shabby or limp. Make sure to choose the right shampoo, based on your hair and skin type so you need not to worry about those hair care problems. There are shampoos available for dry skin, rough hair, falling hair, frizzy hair, curly hair and more. When washing hair, make sure to rinse the shampoo well and remove the residue completely to avoid dandruff.


I hardly see any man using condition as it only seems to be a “girly thing.” However, it is not true at all because using conditioner is essential for complete hair washing process. In fact, skipping conditioner can be the biggest mistake. Using conditioner before shampoo replenishes nutrients that your hair need to remain healthy, soft and shiny. It is also important to choose a conditioner which is appropriate for your hair type. Following are some common types of conditioner available:

  • Daily Conditioner
  • Leave-In Conditioner
  • Deep Conditioner

If you have thin or sensitive hair, make sure to use only sulfate-free conditioners as they are gentler on your hair.

Hair Products

The market of hair care products is quite big and you can find virtually endless products like hair gels, hair creams, hair waxes, hair sprays, and a lot more to make your hair looking great. It is strongly recommended to avoid using hair products quite often. It is also important to wash out hair products well so there are no side effects. Make sure to not leave it on your hair overnight.


Many men only opt to visit the traditional barbershop when they feel that their hair are long enough to have a cut. However, it is not mandatory to visit barbershops only to get a haircut. You must visit a barber to keep your hair styled, well maintained, and of course, cut. A barber can also advice you on which hairstyle suits the best for you, depending on your face shape.

Baldness is embarrassing… If you don’t want to face the same situation that millions of others are acing, it is smart to take good care of your hair with the right products that don’t do any harm to your hair. The key is to keep them healthy and well-maintained.