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How to Choose the Right Orthodontist


It is imperative at your part to invest your time and consider all the available options while choosing an orthodontist. You need to start by creating a list of board certified orthodontists in your city. Ask your family, friends and neighbors for the recommendations. After finalizing an orthodontist, have a word with him and make sure, you ask all the questions that are in your mind. Enquire about the cost of the treatment, use of Braces and its scope. In case you are in doubt, then take second opinion.

Initial consultation

When you finalize a particular orthodontist, you need to set an initial consultation to clear your doubts. Most of the orthodontists do not charge a fee for complimentary exam; they provide this consultation free of cost.

Create a list of questions

You are going to meet orthodontists so make sure that you ask all the questions during your consultation. These questions will help you understand better.

  • You need to find out from where your orthodontist has graduated.
  • When he had completed his orthodontic residency program
  • How long the treatment will take?
  • The cost of the treatment plan
  • Take the list of patients and contact them personally
  • Is he certified by the American Board of orthodontics

Evaluation of the office and staff

It would be nice if you pay a visit to the office of your chosen orthodontist to evaluate the staff and office. It should be clean well lit and equipped with all the modern facilities. Pay attention to staff and orthodontist’s patient skills to get a clear image.

Technology and treatment options

You need to make sure that your chosen orthodontist is using up to date Brace technology and techniques in the treatment. You need to opt for an orthodontist who is up to date. 

Importance of second opinion

Do not take the importance of taking the second opinion for granted while choosing an orthodontist. It will help you choose the right orthodontist and a treatment plan in accordance to your requirements. If you find that you are not fully satisfied after the consultation with your first orthodontist, then take second opinion. After this, you can do a comparative analysis of pricing and other treatment facilities before you make the final decision.

If you have health insurance, then find it orthodontist who will accept your insurance. You can call the orthodontist’s office to clear your doubts regarding insurance cover.