Sleep dentistry Merrylands: A Brief overview

    The term “sleep dentistry” refers to the use of sedatives while performing dental procedures. Sedatives are given to patients to calm them down, but most importantly so they are free of pain during the entire procedure. Sleep dentistry Merrylands is highly effective in cases of severe dental phobia. Many people are afraid of the dentist and in such cases, it would not be possible for the dentist to perform any procedures. The use of sedatives makes the patient drowsy and relaxed so that the procedures can be performed without any hindrance.

    Sleep dentistry:

     Recent developments :

    Sleep dentistry Merrylands is a relatively new development and it has become possible due to the discovery of better sedatives in recent years. In the earlier years, sedatives were usually administered via the intravenous route. But the problem with that was people who are afraid of dentists are often also afraid of needles. Plus, it can be very difficult to administer sedatives via the intravenous route. However, in recent years new sedatives have been discovered which can be orally administered. They come in the form of pills and are taken about half an hour before the dental procedure is performed.

    Sedatives are not used for all patients and procedures. Simpler procedures are not painful and do not require any kind of sedative or anaesthetic. However, certain procedures such as dental implants cause the patient to experience fear of pain, and for this type of procedure the patient may want it performed under sedation or anaesthesia. Doing these procedures directly without using sedatives would be very uncomfortable for both the patient and the dentist.

    A brief overview :

    The most common sedative used in sleep dentistry Merrylands is nitrous oxide. In fact, most dentists prefer it because it has minimal risks and is also cheaper. Nitrous oxide is a sedative, that is, it induces sleep but doesn’t prevent the patient from experiencing pain. When nitrous oxide is given, other anaesthetics may also be administered to suppress the pain.

    Not all dentists use sedatives. It requires additional training and experience to be able to administer sedatives. For this reason, sedation dentists are a rare find. Sleep dentistry is not right for everyone, and you should never feel pressurized into accepting any form of sedation if you do not feel comfortable with it. 

    Sleep dentistry Merrylands has become more refined in recent years because of the availability of better sedative agents. Earlier, sedatives could only be administered via the intravenous route. The main problem with this is that people who have a fear of dentists also have a fear of needles. For this reason, intravenous administration may not be possible in such cases. However, oral sedatives have become available today. These are available in the form of a pill that has to be swallowed half an hour before the procedure.

    If you have fear of the dentist, sleep dentistry Merrylands is an excellent option for you. You can start by contacting your dentist and inquiring if it is possible. If your dentist cannot perform sedation dentistry, he will suggest a specialist.