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Rules To Stay Younger In Your 40s


The desire of looking young is deep-seated in all of us. Whether you are a male or a female, you would wish to keep your youthfulness intact as long as possible. That’s probably one reason why collagen pills have become so popular.

However, it is commonly noted that as soon as people reach their 40s, the signs of aging begin to gain grounds. From face to hair, every part of their body literally echoes about their age. At the same time, there is no dearth of those who don’t subscribe to this tendency. The reason being, they change with time.

When you are young, you can keep up with a rash routine with little to no consequences. But once you step into the 40s, the change in your lifestyle becomes indispensable in order to stay younger. Don’t assume that you require any heavy lifting to achieve this object. All you have to do is to adopt the following rules:

Manage your weight

Losing weight is the first and arguably the most challenging hurdle in the way of looking young. As the years slip by, your body is bound to go through the wear and tear. Among other changes, the performance of metabolism also sharply declines. Naturally, you can’t expect your metabolism to be as supportive in the 40s as it was in your 20s. Having said that, you can still manage your weight by taking the protective measures mentioned below:

  • Spare some time for the workout. No one is asking you to hit the gym and do all the acrobatic stuff. If you can find the right trainer, he will introduce you to simple and effective exercises. You are free to choose even karate classes or something as simple as jogging. At the end of the day what matters is consistency.
  • Minimize the intake of sugar. Females are particularly vulnerable to sweet items like chocolates and cupcakes. Well, you can have a bite here and there of a chocolate bar but there is no way your body can afford an undue munching.
  • Have you started noticing bags under your eyes lately? It could be the doing of excessive sodium, finds an elaborative study. Cut down your sodium consumption to 1 teaspoon.

Get rid of stress

Stress is the worst enemy of the human body. Your face simply stops glowing if your mind has become a hub of stress. A smile can make a world of difference to boost your mental health.

If you are having a hard time finding any reason to laugh your heart out, health experts believe faking laughter is an equally efficient stress reliever.

Sleep properly

Many people learn to compromise on their sleep by the time they are in their 40s. Household responsibilities take a toll on them and they are content with a few hours of sleep. Much to their dismay, it is now a well-established fact that lack of sleep makes you grow old at an alarming pace.

By the nature of your work, if you have to spend most of your day in the outdoor activities then sound sleep becomes even more important. The reason being, falling short on sleep makes your skin defenseless against the sun. As a result, the symptoms of old age become even more apparent on the exposed parts of your body.

Don’t try to complete the quota of sleep by taking naps during the daytime. The quality of sleep in the night is unmatched, to say the least.

Refurbish your wardrobe

In spite of being in relatively sound health, a vast majority of people don’t appear as young. This is what happens when you stick to old clothes. So revamping your wardrobe is something you should not skip in order to look young and dynamic. Doing a little bit of research will make you well-versed about the trending jeans, shirts, jackets, or any of your favorite attire.

It is recommended not to throw all your weight behind the trends while shopping.  If something is too loose or too tight for your physique, you should try something else. Finding both the trending as well as fit clothes is just a matter of hitting the right store.

Have a fresh haircut

Be it a man or a woman, it is fairly common to lose hair more frequently after 40. Considering this harsh reality, you are left with two options. That is, either make peace with your bald head and continue to look old or choose a hairstyle that gives you a younger outlook.

Unfortunately, a lot of public actually goes for the first alternative not knowing that they can find a stylist who can take their hairlessness virtually out of the equation.

Don’t overdo with makeup

It is quite tempting for a woman to apply more makeup when she leaves her young days behind. But it does not help the cause. Quite the contrary, heavy foundation gets choked in wrinkles, which makes them even more evident. If the wrinkles are negligible, a quality moisturizer can hide them for the time being and you can get on with the makeup afterward.

But what if the wrinkles and lines are beyond the hiding game? You need to be moderate with the makeup on the problematic areas.

Stay hydrated

Water contributes a great deal to keep our skin healthy. As a rule of thumb, men are recommended to drink about 3 liters and women are advised to consume 2.2 liters of water or other hydrating fluids. At the same time, the intake of water has a lot to do with your physical activities. Simply put, the more fluid your body generates through sweat, the more water you need to drink in order to look young.

The final verdict

There is nothing about all these tips that can raise your eyebrows. Everything is so simple and yet so effective. You can’t shrug off at these measures because they are supported by an overwhelming number of researches. Of course, expecting overnight results will be too much to ask. So the takeaway message being, stick to the above instructions and the improvement will just be a matter of time.