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Pros And Cons Of Sleeping Earplugs


Sleep deprivation is one of the leading health issues of the world. It is the risk factor of many diseases like diabetes, weight gain, hypertension, obesity, cholesterol, anxiety, and depression. For a healthy body and proper functioning of the mind, peaceful sleep of 6 to 8 hours is necessary.

Even after knowing the importance of sufficient sleep, people face many hurdles in having sound sleep time. Noise is one of the primary causes of sleep disturbance.

There are different sources of noises like:

  • If you work on night shifts, then during the day, you need proper sleep. Due to the sounds on the road and inside the house, it becomes challenging to achieve a peaceful sleeping environment.
  • If you have newly become a parent, then getting proper sleep is the toughest thing because, every few hours, your baby alarm will wake you up.
  • You may love your partner to the moon and forth, but when they snore loudly, it is quite irritating.
  • When you want to sleep, but your neighbors decided to throw a party that is it when you wish to complain about them to the authorities.

However, to overcome all these issues sleeping earplug are the best invention. Like every invention, earplug also has there advantages and disadvantages.

The following are some of the “pros and cons of sleeping earplugs”:

Pros of sleeping earplugs

Peaceful sleep

If you are getting minimal sleep due to the noisy environment like construction on the road, television noise, running tab, and barking of dogs, this can lead to severe health issues. Now, you don’t need to worry about these things because you can get your proper sleep, whether it is day or night, with the help of earplugs.

Although they may not block every sound, still they are quite efficient and can help you get a decent amount of sleep.


Many people neglect taking precautions related to health because they don’t want to spend a lot of money. However, saving that money is only a foolish act because if you do not take care of your health, you will end up paying high hospital bills. Not only will you have to pay bills, but it will also consume your time and energy while buying medication and ornaments for your ears.

Why waste a lot of time and energy? When you have the cheapest solution for getting proper sleep. Sometimes buying earplugs requires a prescription, or you can buy them from any store according to your preference. They are reusable. You can change the earplugs every few days.

Available in different material

Earplugs are available indifferent materials like form wax and silicone. The foam earplug is the most common type, which is made up of porous material. They are disposable, cheap, and available in a variety of colors. They block the sound of the environment well, but due to the porous material, they are prone to bacterial growth.

The wax earplugs consist of beeswax. It closes the ear canal efficiently; that is the reason swimmers can easily use this type of earplug. If someone has an ear problem, then they can also use wax earplugs, especially during swimming, so the water does not enter in ears.

Silicon earplugs block the wax and better than foam type of earplugs because they are reusable. They gave a comfortable feel while wearing, but they do not provide sufficient sound blocking. After wearing this type of earplugs, you will still hear the noise in your surroundings. That is the reason people don’t prefer this type of earplug.

Customize earplugs

Many companies offer personalized earplugs according to the size of your ear and the design you want to print on it. They may be slightly expensive, but spending money on this type of earplug is worth the investment.


Sleeping earplugs are reusable, which makes them a cost-efficient choice. You don’t need to invest in new earplugs every time.


Although there are plenty of choices available in the market but still if you are not satisfied with anyone of them, you can go for a customized earplugs

If you are suffering from any medical condition, then you can speak to your doctor and order a personalized earplug.

Protection against hearing issues

If you are working in a field like DJ, bartender, construction worker, or you work at any place where you face noises, then earplug is a blessing for you. It will protect you against hearing loss.

Strong relationship

If your man or woman has some severe snoring issues, it can irritate you. To have better sleep and to reduce strain on the relationship, earplugs can work wonderfully.

Cons of sleeping earplugs

Removing earplugs fast

Earplugs reduce the noise transfer to your ear, but when you harshly pull the earplugs, it can damage the ear canal. This act can be so damaging that it can even rupture your eardrum and cause permanent hearing loss.

Ear infections

The inner ear canal consists of wax secretions, dirt, and debris. Although this helps in protecting your eardrum creates a barrier, but proper cleaning is essential to prevent infections.

The earplugs, when placed in the ear they trap the wax. Hence the excessive accumulation of the ear wax can lead towards infection.

Earplugs also cause ear infection in another way, like when you use reusable earplugs again and again in your ear. The bacteria can transfer through them, causing severe infections.

Don’t insert deeper

Sometimes people push the earplugs deep inside their ears to completely stop noises. It is a wrong practice because every earplug has its capability, and you cannot change it, so you end up damaging your ear.

When you push the earplugs in the ear canal, it leads to damaging your eardrums. It can also cause accumulation of ear wax since when you drive the earplugs, it will transfer the ear wax deep inside your ear canal.

Affect ear wax

Natural cleaning mechanism through which the ear wax moves towards the outer side of the ear canal, but when you insert earplugs, again and again, the wax is pushed back. It causes the accumulation of the ear wax and leaves the ear prone to multiple infections.

Impaired hearing

When you push it hard inside the ears, you pull it out forcefully, and the effect it causes to the ear wax, if not rectified on time, can ultimately lead to impaired hearing.

Require maintenance

If you are wearing earplugs regularly, then you should maintain proper hygiene of your ears and need to clean your earplugs as well.

Does not function efficiently

Some earplugs like forum and silicon ones do not work efficiently in stopping the sound.


It is not only about earplugs, but everything in this world has its pros and cons; it depends on you what you want to choose for yourself. If you are using this invention within limits, then there is no harm in it. If you use it excessively, it can cause you hearing issues.