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Know about Bowel Cancer symptoms 


The technology-enriched brains of today’s assiduous World, have a habit of Googling each and everything .well, Googling our illness is something to be considered as off-limits, isn’t it? That is because somehow, coincidentally, the ailment maps to at least one of the symptoms of some kind of cancer. After which people believe they have some kind of cancer and then start to constantly worry about it without seeing a doctor, which is why it is often recommended to go to a doctor for cancer treatment in Noida rather than browsing your symptoms. Because whatever the disease might be, time is precious and early diagnosis can save lives.

Cancer -the word is disastrous in itself. Cancer is deadly as it tends to return most of the times, even though it’s completely cured. It brings a great amount of Havoc and disbelief with it. However, if discovered at an early stage, chances are it can be removed from its root. Therefore it is necessary to check out the signs that your body is giving out. Only you know your body well, and you should be having a commendable understanding with it.

According to studies, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in the World, followed by lung cancer and colorectal cancer, respectively. Even Though breast cancer and lung cancer can be diagnosed at least by stage 1 due to the exhibiting of the symptoms, colorectal cancer (bowel cancer) indications are often masked and discovered at a later stage.

Down below are signs that your body might be housing bowel cancer cells:

  •  Fresh bleeding from the rectum.
  •  Dark coloured (almost black) excreta.
  •  The Constant change in bowel movements which is unexplained. 
  •  Fatigue which increases day by day.
  •  Unintentional weight loss.
  •  Intolerable pain in the upper abdomen.

To the reader’s attention:

 Please understand that the above-mentioned symptoms are the obvious ones. Anyone of them or more than one occurring together may or may not be bowel cancer symptoms. Dr. Vikas Goswami reviews that you must visit an oncologist whatever the case might be. 

The symptoms of bowel cancer and other intestinal diseases are quite similar. Rarely, there are possibilities that even the doctors might misdiagnose bowel cancer based on their symptoms. So, attention must be paid to the sudden, unreasonable changes in the body. Concentrated examination of your body at the early onset of the symptoms helps the health professionals to diagnose cancer and its respective stage. This allows the treatment of bowel cancer at the earliest. The chances of completely curing it increase. 

Bowel Cancer symptoms are not seen in all the affected individuals. In some cases, the symptoms are caused, but the immune system of the body fights them off for a short period of time. Due to the on and off pattern of the symptoms, the diseased tend to ignore them. However, it is good to show up at your doctor’s clinic at the first brink of any of the bowel cancer symptoms. Just as the good old saying goes, prevention is better than cure!