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Advantages of Dental Crown


Dentistry is full of modern inventions. There are new things every now and then that can help you save your teeth and beautify your smile and make it contagious. The dental solutions help you combat few unforeseen challenges related to your teeth permanently. Dental crown is a very famous and effective dental treatment used to protect your tooth from some kind of damage done to it.This treatment helps you restore a damaged tooth.

Following is the list of advantages of dental crowns:

  1. A Strong Tooth Support Treatment

Decay is a regular part of teeth-associated problems. Moreover, Calcium starts deteriorating in a human body after a certain age. Food, nowadays, does not support our calcium intake and hence decay starts to follow. Dental crown helps support a decayed tooth quite significantly.

  1. Tooth Protection

The treatment of dental crowns helps protect a worn away tooth from getting damaged further. This acts like a protection shield to the tooth. The ceramic covering protects the base of your tooth thereby extending its life further.

  1. Root Canal Procedure

Dental crown is the last step in root canal procedure. Once the root of your decayed tooth is cleaned, the dentist takes the measurement of your teeth and checks for the matching color shade. Once the crown is made, the dentist then glues it to your operated tooth. The whole process is little time-consuming, but once done, it makes your crown mingles very naturally with the natural teeth.

  1. Holds a Broken Tooth

Dental crowning helps in holding a broken and severely cracked tooth together. This brings back the shape of your teeth and enhances your smile.

  1. Covering to a Dental Implantation

Dental implantation is fixing artificial tooth with screws. The process is expensive and takes a lot of time as compared to the other dental treatments. After the implantation is done, dental crowns help in concealing the magnetic-like screws visibility.

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