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How to make BOTOX™ last longer


Botox treatments don’t represent a permanent fix for your wrinkles! But you can take some steps to make Botox last longer. Our experts recommend going for an initial appointment for Botox in Calgary. This is an excellent approach to discuss with your practitioner about your needs, expectations, and concerns. Besides, you can receive valuable insights on how to make Botox last longer. We asked our experts some tips on how to improve Botox results after the treatment is completed. Read on to discover what you can do to prolong your results!

#1 Get a personalized treatment plan and go for regular appointments

The first step you need to take is discussing with your practitioners about the frequency of Botox treatments. If you aim to make your results last longer, you shouldn’t skip treatments. Regular Botox injections increase the likelihood of the results to last longer.

#2 Don’t overdo it and avoid getting too much Botox

At the same time, you should always follow medical advice. Administering too much Botox can interfere with the results. It can actually make your skin look worse. So, your technician is the only one who can determine the correct dosage and touch-up frequency. Make sure you choose a professional practitioner with the expertise and skills necessary for Botox treatments.

#3 Go for a touch-up before the treatment wears off

If you want to keep up the good results, you should schedule your touch-ups before the Botox wears off. It can help you make Botox last longer. Follow your practitioner’s advice, and don’t skip your appointments!

#4 Choose a trained professional for your treatments

An essential factor to discuss about Botox treatments is the need for an experienced and licensed technician in Botox. He or she will determine the adequate dosage and the frequency of the treatment. Remember that each body reacts differently to this treatment. So, constant adjustments and follow-ups are key for prolonging your results.

#5 Follow a skincare routine and use sunblock creams

Our experts recommend implementing a skincare routine. The goal is to cleanse and hydrate your skin both in the morning and in the evening. Also, it is highly recommended to use a sunblock cream. Your skin can become more sensitive after Botox treatments. But at the same time, UV damage can decrease the efficacy of the toxin.

#6 Eat healthily and get a supplement with zinc

A nutritious meal plan can feed your body the necessary nutrients to heal from within. And studies reveal that Botox can offer different results based on zinc levels in our bodies. So, some patients might notice improved outcomes by taking zinc supplements when starting a Botox treatment.

The bottom line

This is how to make Botox last longer. Of course, there are several other steps to take based on your skin’s needs. This is why it is highly recommended to discuss honestly with your practitioner. Remember that having realistic expectations and avoiding stressful situations is vital for your Botox success.