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Keeping Children’s Teeth Healthy


Kids are not always focused on keeping their teeth and gums healthy, but parents can help them learn the skills they’ll need for good oral health. Here are a few areas to think about regarding pediatric dental care.

Care for Infants’ Teeth

Parents should begin brushing their babies’ teeth as soon as the first tooth erupts. A very soft infant toothbrush with a tiny dab of toothpaste will help prevent tooth decay. Even before a baby has teeth, though, his or her parents should wipe the gums with a soft cloth to remove bacteria. Call your dentist to schedule a pediatric dental care St Johns County visit before your baby turns one.

Regular Dental Visits

Kids should continue to visit the dentist twice a year. Professional cleanings help remove plaque buildup that regular brushing doesn’t take care of. The dental hygienist will also teach your child about proper techniques for brushing and flossing. Kids are often more likely to pay attention to this advice when it comes from an expert, rather than when their parents attempt to teach it. Frequent visits to the dentist will also help identify problems early so that they can be fixed before they grow too large.

Use Fluoride Treatments

Having kids regularly rinse their teeth with a fluoride mouthwash after brushing can help them keep their teeth strong. Fluoride reduces the risk of cavities, making it a recommended part of daily oral hygiene. Supplemental fluoride treatments are especially suggested for children who do not routinely drink fluoridated drinking water. When your kids visit the dentist, the hygienist will often offer a topical fluoride treatment at the end of each visit as well.

Paying close attention to oral hygiene from the time a child is an infant can help them develop excellent habits that will keep their teeth healthy for years to come. Parents and dentists both play a key role in helping kids learn the skills they need to care for their teeth.