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Gastrointestinal Disease: Types and myths related to Rainy Season


With monsoon comes happy and fun days. Bidding farewell to the scorching heat, we all welcome the rains with bright smiles and excited hearts. Be it the old granny or her tiny little grandchild, monsoon cheers up everyone. But along with the bundle of joy, number of diseases also tag along with the rainy season. Amongst these, the gastrointestinal diseases carry the maximum chances to affect human population. 

It is known that most of the gastrointestinal diseases are spread via contaminated and unhealthy food and water. With monson, the cases of these diseases reach a peak and the age group that is most affected is of toddlers and infants. Because, the young souls are unaware of the concept of eating healthy and safe food and avoid the muddy water, their bodies are more susceptible to the germs causing gastrointestinal problems.

Amongst the gastrointestinal disease, some of the types that are more common are diarrhea, cholera, etc. All the gastrointestinal diseases are food and waterborne, and thus, there are plenty of sayings that follow the eating habits during rains. 

Therefore, here is a quick list of myths that should be busted this monsoon. After all the rains are meant to enjoy with a carefree mind.

Avoid curd:

Since ages, curd has been known to calm and soothe an upset stomach. Everytime, our digestive tract does not play well, mothers serve a bowl of curd along with boiled rice. 

And then there is a myth that is also prevalent since ages and that is to avoid curd during monsoons. The idea behind it being cool curd will invite more diseases in the rainy season. 

However, the curd contains microorganisms that helps maintain the natural biotic environment of the digestive tract. In fact the curd boosts immunity, and keeps disease causing bacteria away. 

Thus, instead of avoiding curd; have a bowl of it in your meals. The white liquid will only do good to your body.

Say to green leafy veggies:

All year long we are told to include green vegetables in our diet. It forms an important portion of a healthy diet plan but as soon as monsoon knocks at the door, all we hear is to boycott the green veggies. 

And it is so because of the fear of ingesting harmful microbes and bugs that are infested in the green veggies during rain.

However, this should not stop you from having it in your diet. If you will clean up properly with water and keep it in cool and fresh place, there are hardly any chance of infection. 

Just follow the basic hygiene and you will be safe. 

Stop your cravings for seafood:

If you are myth believers and also a fish lover or your midnight cravings are satisfied by a quick bowl of seafood salad, then the rainy days would go hard on you.

It is said that seafood served during monsoons is usually not fresh. The fishermen do not catch fresh fish during these months because it is the time when they breed. 

Moreover, heavy rains do not allow fishing. 

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the delicious seafood platter in the soothing season. 

Careful marketing is the trick here. Buy seafood from trusted stores and from markets that are known for supplying healthy and hygienic food. Plus, take special attention to wash the items yourself before cooking.

If precautions are taken with care, then there are minimal chances of having any gastrointestinal problems.  

These were the few myths that dooms over the monsoon season. Instead of enjoying the pleasant weather, people succumb to these beliefs. However, if you really want to be out there and just take in what rains bring to you, then a little caution and advice from experienced and wise gastrointestinal expert will be just enough.

One such expert is Dr. Randhir Sud, chairman of Institute of Digestive and Hepatobiliary Sciences at Medanta Hospital Gurgaon. Graduated from the Govt. Medical College, Dev Nanak University, Amritsar, Dr.RandhirSud is one of the most renowned gastroenterologists of India. His experience and expertise knows no bounds. His hard work and relentless efforts to make the lives of his patients better, won him the prestigious Padma Shri Award in the year 2008. 

Dr. Randhir Sudcompleted his MD( general medicine) and DM(gastroenterology)  from the AIIMS, Delhi. After graduating from AIIMS in 1983, Dr. Randhir Sudstarted his journey as visiting fellowship in ERCP at Brigham and women’s hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA.

His excellence has made his name a trademark in the field of gastroenterology. Dr. RandhirSudis a loved doctor whose prime concern and focus is always his patients. Besides, working at Medanta, he is also the former co chairman of the gastroenterology department at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi.

So, this monsoon season do not follow the old myths, just be safe and follow healthy eating habits to avoid gastrointestinal diseases and enjoy the rains.However, if a chronic problem persists, to consult Dr RandhirSud at MedicityHospital Gurgaon.