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Family Dentist In Maroubra With Its Variations In Dentures


There are times when you are in the procedure of researching various types of dentures, just to see the right match for you. Reputed family dentist in Maroubra is here to help you and make the right choice. Dentures are properly divided under multiple types. Some of the main examples are partial dentures, traditional or conventional full dentures, custom dentures, immediate dentures, snap-in, implant-supported, overdentures, upper dentures, economy dentures and more. It is really important that you get to learn about each denture in details before you finally choose the one matching your choice the most.

Basic examples of mostly used dentures:

Complete dentures will be used for replacing all of the patient’s teeth. They will mainly sit on top of gums, unlike the dental bridges, which will be anchored to the present teeth. The complete dentures are mainly placed within a span of 8 to 12 weeks after those teeth has been extracted or removed. Reputed family dentist in Maroubra will help you with partial dentures as well. These dentures are used when a patient still has some natural teeth left in the upper or lower jaw. There will be one pink coloured base, which is attached to a metal piece. These two pieces will then be used for holding dentures in the mouth.

Customized dentures and more:

Custom dentures are mainly made of more expensive teeth, which can also result in more natural-looking smile. You will get to see the new denture before it might get completed. The denture can be properly customized for a smile, so that it is natural-looking and can suit needs well. Then you have immediate dentures as part of this option. Immediate dentures will be typically placed within the same day6 that teeth are extracted or removed. You need to be one good candidate for procuring help of this form of denture though. It is not meant for everyone.

Now for implant-supported dentures and others:

With the help of implant-supported dentures, any dental implant is widely used for securing and support the denture. The denture helps in providing a greater amount of support for the solid foundation, which will help the denture to stay in its position securely. This dental implant will look natural and will also last for a long time. Then you have snap-in dentures as well. These are some of the most effective choices by a dentist in Maroubra when it comes to stability. They are mostly held secured in place with the help of dental implants or some anchors on present teeth.

Try out over dentures upper dentures and more:

You have over dentures which will sit on top of gums and will be held right in place with the dental implants. It can also be placed on the upper or lower jaw, based on patient’s needs. This overdenture is noted to be removable.  Then some dentist in Maroubra will work on upper dentures too. These dentures are for the upper teeth. If you have some teeth missing in the upper jaw, these dentures will prove to be a perfect solution for you.