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Best Way To Consume Levitra 

Best Way To Consume Levitra 

Erection in men happens when the nerves in their penis are stimulated by a simple touch. Upon sensation nitric oxide is released which creates a substance that is required in smoothening the muscles. These muscles then relax allowing blood to flow to the corpora cavernosa. This extra blood flow causes your penis to grow harder.

During erectile dysfunction, the signal sent by nerves isn’t properly conveyed to the penis and brain. This means that nitric oxide is not released properly, therefore blood doesn’t flow into the penis thereby preventing it from hardening the penis. Another reason for ED is that PDE5 enzymes break down the substance required to generate nitric oxide thereby reducing the chances of erection.

There are tons of medications available in the market to correct ED. Some can be taken orally while some are applied. Often people have consumed Viagra as that is the only commonly known medication for ED, but Levitra is another oral medication that has shown great results in ED. It contains Vardenafil which also helps in relaxing muscles.

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How to Take Levitra?

Always start with a minimum dosage. 5mg is the best start which can gradually be increased to 10mg.

Levitra can be consumed with or without any food. However, it is best to take it one hour before physical intimacy.

There should be a gap of 24 hours between every dose.

Always consult your doctor before consuming any medication. Inform them if you’re already under medication so that they can advise you if Levitra is suitable for your health or not.

Avoid drinking alcohol or taking grapefruit when under Levitra effect, as it can lead to severe side effects.

Levitra lasts for up to 4 hours, but the situation varies from man to man.

Benefits of Levitra 

Levitra is lab tested and approved for usage by FDA.

You will get results 20 minutes after consuming Levitra.

The fast result from Levitra helps in boosting confidence and coming out of depression due to ED.

Whether you take Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra, in all cases these medications help in ED. They no doubt give you back your quality of life. Levitra has helped many people in getting back their confidence. However, it doesn’t need to work for every individual. If you’re facing an ED problem the first thing is to contact your doctor. This may be tough for you, but they may have something for you in mind.

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