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A Complete Guide To Learn About The Coronavirus


The coronavirus is a new virus that has caused the world to face a deadly pandemic. Over 200 countries around the world have been affected because of coronavirus. We know that it is a respiratory disease that spreads through respiratory droplets that come out of your mouth when sneezing or coughing. There is no guaranteed cure for this virus. The doctors just cure the symptoms as they progress. Thus, in a difficult time like this, it is important to take all kinds of precautions.

The best way for you to take precaution is by staying home and avoiding physical contact with people. However, if you do have to go out in public, then you must wear respiratory masks to protect yourself. You can purchase respiratory masks at the Custom Earth Promos website. They are an eco-friendly company that manufactures and customizes reusable shopping bags made out of recycled materials. In this time of crisis, they are manufacturing respiratory and cloth masks for people.

Common questions about COVID-19

We only know little about coronavirus, but there are many false news and myths going on around social media. The following are common questions that people ask about COVID-19.

  • How can you get tested for the coronavirus?

To get a swab test for a COVID-19 test, you need a doctor’s order. However, you still need to wait as there are limited number of tests and a large number of people at healthcare facilities wanting to get tested.

Mild symptoms like fever and cough may not be ordered to perform a test. Patients who are already hospitalized, suffering severe symptoms or have underlying conditions are given more priority.

  • Is the loss of smell a symptom of coronavirus?

In the significant number of cases, the loss of smell occurs. However, this may only be in case of asymptomatic cases with this being the only symptom and so doctors would order them to self-isolate.

  • Is it unsafe to take ibuprofen if you have COVID-19 symptoms?

There were speculations about this but the WHO announced that there is not enough evidence to come to a conclusion on this matter.

  • Is COVID-19 going to become seasonal?

Experts think that it is too soon to say if the virus is seasonal. If it is similar to other respiratory viruses then it is unlikely to be infected by COVID-19 twice in one season.

  • How long does the coronavirus live on surfaces?

The virus can remain on different surfaces for different durations such as:

  • Stainless steel – 3 days
  • Copper: 4 hours
  • Plastic: 3 days
  • Cardboard: 24 hours
  • What does “flattening the curve” mean?

Flattening the curve means to reduce the spread of the coronavirus so that there is no spike in the number of deaths due to the virus. With more precautionary methods like social distancing, the doctors will be able to focus on already-infected patients and prevent deaths.


The questions above are some common questions regarding COVID-19. It is important for us to be well-informed on the current situation, but make sure that you receive the right information and not false ones circulating on social media.