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How to Avoid Common Foot Problems


There are many causes of foot problems. While some of them might be hereditary or due to a pre-existing health condition, others are due to poor lifestyle. The lifestyle involves neglecting the health of your feet, which then leads to pain and other complications.  

If you walk a lot or spends most of the time standing, you are more likely to suffer from some of the common foot problems. However, you can avoid most of them by; 

Wearing the Right Shoes 

Wearing the right shoe can prevent short-term and long-term foot problems. Some of the common conditions that you can avoid include bunions, calluses, ingrown nails, blisters, and metatarsalgia. 

What kind of shoes can help you avoid problems?  

The best shoes should be supportive, comfortable, and should fit properly. Such shoes will give your feet enough breathing space, which is essential if they are to remain healthy.  

Some of the shoes you should avoid are high heels, tight, and pointy ones. This type of shoe adds pressure on your feet, which can then cause bunions, calluses, or ingrown toenails. 

However, if you already own uncomfortable shoes, you don’t have to throw them away. Instead, you should wear them with footcare products, which can help in many ways. 

For example, bunion pads will reduce the pressure your shoes put on your joint, and so prevent pain. Other products, such as multi-use gel padding, will protect parts of the feet that exposed to pressure and friction.  

Stretching Your Feet and Ankle 

Stretching your feet and ankle can help prevent foot pain. Some of the feet and ankle stretching exercises you can do at home include stretching for calf muscle and passive stretch for ankle and toe flexion. The activities help by boosting the flexibility of your feet or toes. 

You should repeat the exercises several times a day for better results, and especially when you feel discomfort on your feet. When starting, begin with light exercises and later more intense stretching. 

If you are already experiencing pain on your feet, you should also try the exercises. Stretching can bring much-needed relief. 

Maintaining a Healthy Weight 

A healthy weight is necessary if you are to avoid some of the common foot problems. The feet are responsible for carrying the entire weight of your body. Thus, an increase in weight will put excess pressure on your feet and ankle, leading to pain and other complications.  

Therefore, if you want healthy feet, keep your weight in check. Many practices can help you reduce and keep your weight at a healthy level. For instance, you can observe a healthy diet and exercise regularly.  

In conclusion, you can avoid some of the common foot problems by doing three things. First, always wear the right shoes. If you own uncomfortable ones, you can still wear them but with the appropriate footcare products. Second, stretch your feet and ankle regularly to boost their flexibility. Finally, maintain a healthy weight to avoid adding more pressure to your feet.