6 ways to source the best medical equipment for your business


    Dentistry is a rewarding profession but one that seems to require a nearly endless supply of new equipment. Sterilization, varying procedures, and an array of “one use only” utensils mean that dentists need to stay ahead of the supply line. That’s especially true if you run your own business when running low on supplies can represent an existential threat.

    #1 Use a marketplace

    Medical supply companies like medical-supermarket.com are vital when it comes to sourcing the best dentistry equipment at the best price. These marketplaces give you a view of the entire market, allowing you to compare prices between different suppliers. That isn’t all, though. You’ll be able to compare aftercare, customer support, and even read reviews, giving you the best chance to secure a great deal.

    #2 Build supplier loyalty 

    Just as you would reward loyal patients, suppliers also prioritize brand loyalty. Although you should never stick to the same supplier without comparing prices elsewhere first, loyalty often does pay. If you return to the same company for every order, don’t be afraid to negotiate and ask for a better price. Most will make you an offer rather than risk losing your custom. 

    #3 Buy from established distributors 

    Supply chains are fragile, but dentists need an ongoing and stable supply to keep their businesses operating. The best way to ensure the integrity of your supply chain is to buy only from established distributors with a proven track record of delivering on time. Look at reviews, consider the distributors used by other businesses in your field and pay special attention to customer services. Getting distribution right is the keystone to a successful business.

    #4 Consider “own brands.”

    In much the same way as they do for the weekly shop, “own brands” often represent big savings. Although it’s always best to buy from established distributors, the same doesn’t always apply to brands. Look for smaller brands and see if they offer a better price. Dentistry equipment must go through rigorous health and safety tests and meet a plethora of criteria, so you can often buy “own brand” products without compromising on quality. 

    #5 Leverage social media

    Don’t underestimate the power of social media to help you find a good deal. Suppliers have realized the importance of social media, and they post updates often. Many of these relate to new stock, offers, and discounts. By monitoring the social media accounts of different suppliers, you’ll be able to compare deals, source discounts, and take advantage of offers. Most dental practices use social media in some form to attract customers, but too few use it to source suppliers.

    #6 Sign up to emails

    All businesses know the importance of email marketing – you probably use it yourself to contact customers. Emails work both ways. If you sign up to email updates from your suppliers, you’ll always be at the front of the queue for new deals, bulk discounts, and new batches of stock. Most companies don’t subscribe to emails, so in doing so you get a head start. Keep an eye on your emails and move fast when a new offer materializes.