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5 Ways To Keep Your Baby Healthy And Clean


As much as we love to see our babies’ chuckles, hiccups, and laughter; we all fear to see them falling sick. Babies who do not develop a proper immune system, keep falling sick throughout the year. It is the parents’ responsibility to nurture their children in a manner that their health and wellness is not compromised. This task itself is quite challenging to achieve due to the ever-changing weather, unhealthy habits and not maintaining a clean environment.

However, if the germs take over your baby, they can cause problems like stuffy or runny nose, fever and cough; in fact, sometimes life-threatening diseases as well. This type of illness takes a great toll not only on yourself but onyour baby as well. This is the reason it is important to work extra hard to be extra cautious in feeding and using natural and organic baby products, in order to nurture a healthy and clean baby. Here are the few terrific ways that you can follow while taking care of your baby, to have a stress free life ahead and enjoy each moment of joy and happiness with your child:

1.    Timely Immunization

Gone are those days when the newborns used to get affected by life-threatening diseases, or crippled from the ugly disease like polio. Today, people are well aware of the importance to immunize their babies since their birth. however, what most of the people are not aware of – is that all the family members have to be immunized in order to create a cocoon for your little baby to be protected against all possible diseases until the time of vaccination and beyond that.  These days the schools are also taking extra care in having a proper  immunization rock hill sc check throughout the year for their student’s safety and maintenance of health. Be vigilant to all the prevailing infections and viral infections around your living, and take extra measures to protect your child through vaccinations or even getting exposed to the infectious public places. . You may consult your doctor about the new diseases and the required precautionary vaccinations to be administered over your baby. If parents and caregivers are vaccinated as well, they would not become transmitters of a disease to your baby. This is the first important step that should not be avoided at any cost and put your child’s health at stake.

2.    Do not stop breastfeed

Breastfeed is vital for your baby’s health, not only in the near future but as well as in the long run. Breastfeed is packed with nutritional value and the first onset of milk contains colostrum, which is filled with antibodies and white blood cells carrying mother’s immunity that literally serves to keep the bad bacteria out of the intestines. This maintains good health and keeps the bacteria and viral infections away from your baby. Doctors are stressing a lot about continuing the breastfeed as much as possible. It contains antibodies, white blood cells, enzymes and other nutrients that increase your baby’s immune system. Probiotics are abundantly found in mother’s milk which is an agent to produce good bacteria and eventually promoting good health of your child. If you start noticing that your child is getting frequently hungry and demands more like a newborn, this signifies that there is the ongoing process of growth giving a flag about an increase in baby’s appetite.

3.    Proper Bathing Habits

If you are residing within the dream that only children that are active and playing outdoors need to maintain a proper bathing routine, probably it’s time for you to wake up. New-borns and infants require equal or a higher-level bathing regime, in order to achieve health and a clean germ-free body. Use mild soaps and shampoos for your baby’s happy and entertaining bath. Set an appropriate time for your baby’s shower, according to the weather condition. It is best to give a bath during the daytime in the winter season or even otherwise since it will help your child’s body to cool down during hot and humid weather. A sponge or warm bath, a few times a week is all that your newborn needs to get cozy and comfy. Bathe your baby when the weather is warmer as giving a bath in cold weather can make them fall sick with cold and fever. We cannot deny the fact that health is directly related to a clean body. Remember to keep your hands washed all the time to avoid being the source of germs, whenever there is direct contact of you with your baby.

4.    Feed healthy

Babies who are on mother feed do not possess the risk of conferring water-borne diseases as compared to the children who are on solid foods. You should be extra careful of what you are feeding your child as it possesses the maximum output towards the health of your child. Feed natural and organic food, like vegetables, fruits, and dairy products. Do not rely on anything except the home-cooked food for babies. Always use filtered or boiled water to prepare formula milk for your child and you are all set for a healthy baby.

5.    Proper sleep

A baby’s good night’s sleep is what all mothers crave for, since the early days. Proper sleep leads to a fresh mind and a healthy active body of your baby. Experts recommend putting your baby to sleep at an appropriate fixed time every day, to enforce good sleeping habits since childhood. You can use a bassinet or a crib in the early years. It is advised to use firm surfaces for your baby to sleep, no stuffed animals or toys, and maximum a single pillow, due to safety measures for your child. However, try to do everything that makes your child comfortable and secure for a good night’s snooze.


The list of ways to keep your baby healthy and clean given above is to be adopted from day one. You cannot completely get free from germs around you but can avoid by taking proper measures of a good cleaning and nutrient-filled diet. It is important to build a good immune system of your baby so that they can enjoy outdoors and indoors play, without falling sick frequently.