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Scalp and the Choices As Per Your Specificity Now


Scalp or bad smelling hair can be quite embarrassing. You may not want to bring this up for discussion, but the truth is that we need to address the issue before it gets worse. Try some home-made remedies to reduce the smell, such as washing your hair with baking soda, lemon juice or using a medicinal shampoo. However, these are only temporary solutions, especially if the odor of the skin of the head is caused by an infection. In case of an infection, you will need to seek the help of a specialist.


A fungal infection of the scalp can cause unpleasant odors. The best clinic authorities says scalp herpes is a common fungal infection. Scalp herpes is more common among school-age children, as stated by the best clinic authorities. The fungus invades the skin creating itchy spots on the scalp. As dead skin flakes appear, an unpleasant, unwanted odor can be installed. Regarding fungal infection, a dermatologist can prescribe medications that can be given orally or topically to cure fungal infections of the scalp. In case of more severe fungal infections, a topical cream or ointment should be used in the infected area, along with the use of an oral medication. For smelly scalp shampoo you need to be specific now. The details and there and you need to be specific for the same now. We know that you need to be specific on the treatment options and that is the reason that you can find your support perfect.


Bacterial infections of the scalp can also cause a foul odor. Folliculitis is a bacterial infection caused by a staphylococcus or other bacteria. It is possible to have large swelling, blisters filled with pus that can break, causing the appearance of crusts. The multitude of crusts that contain the infection and dead skin cells can generate a disgusting smell of the scalp. Bacterial infections will not disappear without proper treatment. The dermatologist may prescribe appropriate antibiotics to eliminate the bacteria that cause the infection and possibly an ointment to help heal wounds on the scalp.

Glands overproduction

Hyperactive sebaceous glands in the scalp can cause bad, heavy odor. This happens when the sebaceous glands are very productive and give birth to the fatty scalp. Oily layers on the scalp can cause hair to become unsightly and sticky to the scalp. To make matters worse, the odor and so unpleasant, worsens when you sweat, and the hair maintains sweat along with sebum on the scalp. You can resort to washing your hair frequently with shampoo to avoid the appearance of oily and greasy hair, but you may want to consider the opinion of a dermatologist who will recommend the shampoo that suits you best.