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Why proper knowledge on nutrition and fitness is essential for us?


Today we live in a world where everyone longs for the famous quality of life. However, as much as people’s desire is for a healthy life, little is done to actually have health and well-being. The justifications are diverse such as lack of time, greater convenience in consuming industrialized products, dislike of training, etc. But we must be aware that by exercising, having a physically active life, and eating healthy, we are actually practicing health. This why people are nowadays searching for the best nutrition consulting experts in order to get quality guidance.

The importance of diet in physical activity

It is very common for people to associate fitness with exercise alone. But the truth is that fitness and health are associated not only with exercise but also with good eating habits. Excess consumption of foods rich in sodium, dyes, sugars and preservatives, combined with physical inactivity is largely responsible for various diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, etc. And these factors when associated with a family history make the person even more susceptible to these diseases.

Therefore we have in these two variables, the solution for a healthier life, preventing and assisting in the control of diseases. With a diet plan that meets our needs, we provide our body with the energy it needs to perform our daily tasks, as well as meeting the energy needs of exercise. Which brings us closer to our goal, whether it is aesthetic, health or to maintain a good quality of life.

Healthy eating and exercise for quality of life

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) for a good quality of life we ​​must be physically active. Therefore it is essential to have a proper and balanced diet associated with physical exercise, because it is not just aesthetic, but health and quality of life. So, now that you understand the importance of proper nutrition, and fitness, it is your time to make other people aware of it. Remembering that as well as training, the diet plan for better efficiency must be individualized.

The only professional able to properly describe what we should or should not eat and the proper amounts is the nutritionist. If you want to become a professional certified nutrition coach, you can join to NESTA for Fitness Nutrition Coach Certification. This certificate course is designed while taking a comprehensive mode in consideration which follows step by step video training.