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Women Age Management: Choices you should make to stay healthy


Aging is a natural process, and this is a shout out to all the women out there, who embrace it as beautifully as it comes.

You go, girl!

But there is an unrelenting reality to it that we all can not ignore. As we grow older, our cells start degenerating, and our body becomes more vulnerable to diseases. The changes are especially overwhelming since with age comes hormonal imbalance that can be the reason behind physical and mental exhaustion resulting in erratic behavior which you sometimes cannot put into words.

While we cannot stop aging, we sure can incorporate healthier lifestyle choices early on in our lives for proper age management. After all, it’s our life choices that become the roadmap for our future be it what we eat or what we do and how?


Yes, we know you have been scolded for this a thousand time earlier, but that is for all the right reasons. Staying hydrated keep the skin healthy. Adequate consumption of water regularly improves the texture and color of your skin, making it glow. Water also helps in regulating the skin temperature.


A regular intake of adequate protein, vitamins, minerals carbohydrates, fats can help strengthen your immune system and keep your body healthy so that it stays fit in the golden years. Incorporate small changes in your diet at a slow pace regularly. Increase your protein intake gradually, switch to a healthier breakfast with eggs, don’t skip the greens, opt for baked or roasted instead of grilled or fried foods. Making these gradual changes can enhance your diet comprehensively.


Make it a point to periodically visit your OB/GYN to get yourself inspected for any diseases or malnutrition that you might be suffering from. Health tests should be performed to check annually in order to ensure your body’s functioning properly. These test can include ( but is not limited to) mammogram, thyroid screening, pap smear, blood sugar diabetes test.



Surround yourself with good people who uplift your mood and help you stay healthy and happy. Loneliness has been reported to be responsible for various health conditions that can aggravate as we age. Go out, connect with people, have a constructive conversation and stay in your best shape, physically and mentally. Furthermore, it is also important to have an exercise routine, which can be as minimal as brisk walking for 15-20 minutes or attending regular yoga sessions. Exercise helps the body feel more exhilarated with aging and is mentally stimulating, helping clear the mind.



Did you know sleep deprivation can increase the chances of a person developing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and several skin problems such as premature aging, skin dullness, dark circles, hyperpigmentation? It is crucial to create and stick to good bedtime habits early in life, to ensure your body heals, repairs and restores adequately to prepare for the next day hustle.

Women of all age group should give women age management a serious thought, in order to prevent their body from having their body to go through the ordeal of hormonal disbalance. A women age management programme includes making use of the latest medical advancement and technology such as anti-medicine, therapies to enhance the quality of life and let the concerned person live life as happy and healthy as possible.