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Why You Need A Family Medical Doctor


Maintaining optimal health requires you to find a qualified and compassionate doctor who offers advice and effective treatment options. At Family Life Medical, you will find Dr. Kyle Scarborough, who is an experienced family doctor. Located in Conroe, Texas, the doctor can offer care to your entire family and ensure that you lead healthy lives.

What Are The Doctor’s Qualifications?

Dr. Scarborough is a Texas native who graduated from Texas A&M University with an undergraduate degree. For his medical degree, he attended the University of Texas and attended Southwest Memorial Hospital where he completed his residency in 1992. He later joined the Sadler Clinic where he began his professional career and has over 25 years of experience in treating various medical ailments.

He is now tied to his community, and he devotes his time to offering effective medical treatments through private practice. He is a passionate doctor who can treat patients of all ages and offers essential advice on the prevention and management of different ailments.

The Services Offered at Family Life Medical

Dr. Kyle or Dr. K as he is fondly called by staff and clients is a respected family doctor with education and experience in offering medical services that include:

  •   Bioidentical hormone therapy
  •   Skin rejuvenation
  •   Diabetes management and treatment
  •   Geriatric care
  •   High cholesterol treatment
  •   Wellness exams
  •   Hypertension treatment
  •   Well-woman exams
  •   Tattoo removal
  •   Pre-ops and hospital follow-ups
  •   School physicals

These are some of the services offered at the clinic, and you can get treatment or medical advice regarding other medical conditions. Your whole family can get services at the clinic to ensure that you stay healthy or treated.

Why Visit Family Life Medical

If you are looking for a clinic that suits all your needs than Family Life Medical is always ready to offer assistance. The reasons why you should choose the facility for treatment include:

  •       Highly trained and experienced staff

 All the staff, including the doctor, nurses, and physicians have top quality training and experience in offering quality care to patients.

  •       Passionate and caring staff

The staff is compassionate, and their focus is to offer effective treatment solutions to people living in Conroe, Texas, and the surrounding areas. They ensure your maximum comfort after you walk in, and your only aim will be to regain your full health.

  •       Same-day appointments

The doctor and his team of professionals offer same-day appointments. Some medical conditions require immediate treatment, and the clinic is always ready to receive you and start your treatment.

  •     A broad range of insurance company options

The facility has partnered with several insurance companies, and you can choose from a list that includes Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield of Texas, Cigna, Humana, UnitedHealthcare among others. Your only concern should be getting well and not how to pay for your treatment.

Call To Book An Appointment

If you or a loved one needs a wellness exam or treatment, you can call Family Life Medical and talk to Dr. Kyle. After a consultation, the doctor can devise a personalized treatment and management plan to ensure you regain optimal health. You will be comfortable while in the clinic with the healthcare providers aiming to offer trusted treatment options.