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3 Surprising Factors That Can Predispose You to Skin Cancer


The mention of the C-word brings fear due to the emotional, physical, and economic anguish it unleashes on its victims and their families. It is estimated that every year 5 million people are diagnosed with skin cancer. These grim statistics will not decline anytime soon since there is no vaccine or treatment for the disease. A high level of awareness about what can cause the disease is key to increasing your chances of dodging a diagnosis. Absolute Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center is leading in the fight against skin cancer in Glen Allen and beyond. Below are three surprising factors that can predispose you to skin cancer.

1. Your Occupation

Where you earn a living and spend much of your time can make you susceptible to cancer.

If you spend most of your time working outdoors, this exposes you to harmful UV rays, a leading cause of cancer. Among the occupations that involve working in the open include landscaping farming, lifeguards, and anglers.  Even if you work indoors, some jobs can expose you to chemicals or other materials that are likely to cause skin cancer. If your work involves pest control, you will be exposed to arsenic, found in some insecticides. Ensure to use the right protective equipment if you work in a setting where paraffin, industrial tar, oil, and coal are used.

If your occupation is not prone to raise your skin cancer risk, look at where you live. Some areas have thinner ozone layers, thus allowing UV rays to penetrate the earth’s surface.

2. Your Genetics

People with a family history of this cancer have an increased risk. If one of your parents has skin cancer, there is a 50% chance that the condition will affect you. Additionally, other ways exist to inherit the likelihood of skin cancer. If you have a fair complexion, there is a high chance that you will have skin cancer since malignant cell growth starts in the cells which produce melanin. Blondes and redheads experience similar vulnerability as well.

3. Your Sunscreen

The sunscreen you apply to your skin to block UV rays may cause skin cancer. Vitamin A compounds including retinyl palmitate and retinol, have been found to be photo carcinogenic. The products of vitamin A in sunscreen become toxic when they come into contact with sunlight. Sunscreen products also contain oxybenzone, which also produces free radicals when it comes into contact with sunlight, harming your DNA cells and accelerating aging. 

Besides containing potentially toxic ingredients, sunscreen also blocks vitamin D, which is used by your body to enhance the absorption of calcium for a healthy immune system. Your dermatologist recommends having limited exposure to the sun by wearing a hat when going out.

You might be going about your daily life activities without knowing how much harm these pose to you. Do not leave anything to chance. After all, prevention is better than cure. Now is the time to start being aware of your environment in relation to skin cancer. Schedule a consultation with your dermatologist to learn how skin cancer can be prevented.