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When Do You Need an Upper Extremity Expert?


Let’s talk about one of the most crucial regions of the human body, the upper extremity. The upper extremity usually entails the hand, shoulder, axilla, and arms. Pain in any of these parts can be excruciating. Unless you get the right expert such as Dr. Kristopher I. Downing, you will hardly get better.

Do you know which conditions qualify as upper extremities? Most likely not. It is in this light that we choose to explore some of the most vital elements that will lead you to needing help and to visit such experts.

Acute traumatic injuries

This condition usually compromises the integrity of your tissues, and it could be fatal if you do not act fast. In most cases, it results from either immunologic or physiological disturbances. This disturbance could be a product of blood loss or even reperfusion insults. Usually, this condition could affect anyone, regardless of their age.

Rotator Cuff tear

This condition is one of the most common upper extremities. But first, what is a rotator cliff? It is a collection of tendons as well as muscles around your shoulder joints. It plays a crucial role in holding the arm to its socket and thereby making it easier for you to rotate your arm. In most cases, surgery will be essential in treating the tear. This procedure will help in re-attaching the tendons to the upper part of the arm bone.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

It would be hard not to mention carpal tunnel syndrome. You can hardly imagine how painful this condition can be. Usually, it will affect the tendons as well as the median nerve of your arm. It comes with a swelling that exerts pressure on various nerves. One thing you should understand is that the condition is progressive. If you do not capture it during the early stages, you might end up hurting more later on.

Trigger fingers

Have you ever experienced a bent finger or one that sticks to a given position? It is often a result of inflammation around various tendons in the finger. Well, one of the dominant characteristics is repetitive motions. Did you know that conditions such as diabetes and even arthritis could expose you to this condition? Usually, relying on less invasive therapies could come in handy for you.

Nerve transposition

This condition will often affect the ulnar nerve. Once this nerve becomes subject to pressure, it will result in elbow numbness as well as tingly hands. Interestingly, its treatment is relatively straightforward. Exercising will be one of the best options at your disposal.


Are you a sportsperson? Tendinitis will often be one of the most common upper extremities ailments that result from the irritation of the tendons. It usually results from sudden injuries. This condition could affect your thumb, knee, shoulder, or even elbow.

Indeed, upper extremities tend to be relatively painful. Whichever condition you face, it would be necessary for you to seek treatment in a timely manner. It will help in de-escalating the problem in the long run. But why should you wait until it becomes severe when you can visit upper extremities and orthopedic surgeons in La Jolla, CA?