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What type of braces are good for adults ?


Gone are the days when braces were meant for only kids and teenagers. Many orthodontists today have claimed a significant increase in the number of adult patients visiting their clinic to get their teeth straightened with braces. “Adults with braces?”, was a shock to most people back in the 90s and early 2000s. However, times change and so did the trend in braces. Let’s see what was and what changed, that led to many adults getting braces treatment done.

There were and continue to be many reasons that are deterrents for people to get orthodontic treatment. An ugly look, metallic smile, long or prolonged treatment times, restrictions on food and difficulty in maintaining oral hygienes are some of the common reasons why people avoid getting braces treatment. Well, they were the same even in the past decades. So, what prompted the change?

One of the primary reasons there is a rise in the number of adult orthodontic patients is the latest types of braces – most of which are less conspicuous than the traditional metallic braces. “I didn’t get braces treatment when I was younger because I was conscious of the metal smile. However, with the availability of ceramic braces and clear aligners to choose from, I felt more confident to go for it”, said a 43-year-oldy. Not just women, but even men are increasingly opting to get their teeth straightened with orthodontic braces.

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This brings us to the question “What type of braces are good for adults?” Considering adults are more conscious about their looks, metallic braces are definitely not recommended for them. The next in line are ceramic braces that are tooth coloured and less conspicuous than the metallic braces. However, when talking to another person up close, these ceramic braces can be easily seen.

To solve this issue, there came translucent braces wherein, the ceramic is available in different shades to match the tooth colour of the patient. Sometimes these are made of clear ceramic that gives a transparent look. These braces are less conspicuous than the regular ceramic braces. But, from a certain distance, they are still visible.

Still not found the best type of braces for you? Well, hold on. For those people who want invisible braces, a good option for you is lingual braces. These braces, as the name goes, are placed on the lingual or the tongue-side of your teeth. Since they are placed on the back-side of your teeth, they are not visible. However, many patients have comfort issues with these braces.

The best option for adults, however, are clear aligners. These are absolutely transparent, and completely invisible when worn on the upper and lower teeth. They are comfortable to wear, the patient needs to remove them while eating and during oral hygiene procedures like brushing and flossing.

There are many clear aligner brands available in the market today and this has been the biggest impetus for adult patients opting for orthodontic treatments. The best brands in the market include 32 Watts aligners that are made of best quality material, using advanced technology and the best part is that they are extremely affordable.

So, what type of braces are your choice? Let us know in the comment box below!