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What People Need To Know About Salt Therapy


Salt therapy has been around for hundreds of years. Salt therapy is a type of therapy wherein a person is placed in a contained room filled with salt. This aims to help treat lung problems and various skin diseases. The salts used for the therapy are medical-grade salts dispersed in the air in a regulated manner to achieve positive results. There are actually many spas that offer such therapy in Victoria and NSW.

Salt is a natural bronchodilator which makes it perfect for people with breathing problems. It’s also a good expectorant and good for the skin as well since it promotes good bacteria flora, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as well. With all those benefits and with lesser risks to no risks at all it comes as no surprise that people are opting for such a therapy. If you want to know more, below are things that you should know about salt therapy.

The types of salt therapy: Salt therapy is also known in some places as halotherapy. It basically has two types, called wet halotherapy and dry halotherapy. What makes both differ from one another? Read further below:

  • Dry halotherapy: Dry halotherapy is the most common one and what was defined above. It’s about exposing people to dry salt over a closed and controlled environment with regulated exposure to the medical salt that is being administered slowly with the right amount. It’s ideal for: :
    • People having a hard time breathing and needs their airways cleared
    • People skin problems like inflammation, skin disease and infection
  • Wet halotherapy: Wet halotherapy is actually the exact opposite but pretty much has the same results with dry halotherapy. The big difference is that this can be done by anyone in any setting and you don’t need a spa or a specialized room to do it. Below are examples of wet salt therapy:
  • Bathing with salt
  • Rinse with salt
  • Nasal irrigation with salt
  • Drinking fluids with salt
  • Gargling with salt

Before getting salt therapy: Although salt therapy doesn’t have any known side effects and because of the fact that it’s an all-natural remedy, it’s still best that you consult an expert before getting into one.

  • You might not want to go for the dry salt therapy because you’re claustrophobic
  • You might have some conditions or diseases that can be aggravated with salt and many many more.

Just to be sure, consult your doctor.

There’s a good reason why salt therapy in Victoria & New South Wales is still present today and offered by selected spas and that is because it simply works. If you want to try it out there are 2 types of salt therapy that you can explore and before you even try doing it, its best that you consult an expert first just to be sure that its safe for you especially if you have any conditions or disease.