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Treat Yourself With a Trip to the Spa For Health


For centuries, aristocrats journeyed to hot springs whose waters were said to have healing powers. Gradually, these sites became full-blown luxury resorts. Today, classic spa treatments are accessible to anyone at numerous facilities, with new remedies continually being perfected. A spa holiday is a way to unwind and work on one’s health at the same time.


Water cures were always the main element of spa culture. Historically, visitors would drink the water. Nowadays, baths are the preferred form of treatment, ranging from full immersion pools and hot tubs to foot baths, as well as steam baths and saunas. Hot baths have countless benefits for body and soul, from clearing pores to loosening muscles and easing joint pain, not to mention the soothing sensation of a soak.

Complimentary Services

While water is still their primary feature, spa packages Napa CA provide supplemental therapies to enhance the experience. Massage therapy is the most common service. Nothing beats a massage for relieving muscle aches or the mental pain of anxiety disorders. The related decrease in stress has additional advantages on aspects of health, including heart rate and blood pressure.

Along with massages, other alternative therapies are usually offered, including hot towel raps, aromatherapy and Ayurvedic medicine. Spas also supply a variety of cosmetic and personal care services for skin, hair and nails.

Physical Exercise

Back when all spas were run by doctors, treatment regimens were augmented with fresh air and exercise. For this purpose, traditional spas were surrounded by nature. Even now, many spas are set amid pleasant natural surroundings. Often, the environment is landscaped for patrons to better enjoy walks around the grounds or other outdoor activities.

Additionally, modern spas incorporate indoor gyms with state-of-the-art fitness equipment. After a rigorous workout with a personal trainer, clients can rest in their comfortable rooms or enjoy meals prepared by professional chefs, all without leaving the premises.

When you yearn for refreshment and relaxation, a spa cure could be perfect. However long your stay, be sure to take advantage of all available services in the time you have to spend.