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Top Tips for a Worry-Free Trip,Healthy


After months of anticipation, it’s almost time for your vacation. However, there are still a lot of last-minute preparations to manage. Though these tasks are individually small, if handled too hastily, they’ll haunt your whole trip. Follow this checklist of final business before you go.

Pack Properly

For some people, packing a suitcase is a hateful ordeal. However, a far worse feeling is learning you’ve left some vital item out of your luggage, especially something that can’t be readily replaced. Before you begin, make a list of everything you plan to pack — climate-appropriate clothing, toiletries, medications, and whatever else you need. As each article is safely stowed in your suitcase, cross it off. As for the actual packing process, there are techniques to make it easier.

Special Considerations for Going Abroad

While domestic journeys are fairly simple, international travel comes with completely new challenges. At least three weeks before departure, you should see a doctor for advice and travel vaccinations Rockville MD relevant to your destination. Numerous diseases are endemic in other parts of the world, and none make for a fun firsthand experience. Once you’ve been immunized, you can get your “yellow card“, which you’ll need to enter certain countries.

Prepare To Leave Home

Part of what makes vacations so relaxing is our belief that when we return, everything will be as we left it. However, people who practice poor planning can come home to all sorts of unpleasant surprises. Before you leave, turn off or unplug unnecessary electronics to minimize the risks of fire and avoid high utility bills. For similar reasons, turn your thermostat and water heater to their lowest reasonable settings, or even shut off your water supply entirely. Do the dirty dishes, take out the trash and get rid of any perishables in the fridge. Lastly, as you leave, lock your windows and doors behind you.

In the midst of your big plans, don’t let little things slip through the cracks. They may seem bothersome, but taking care of these critical chores will help make your travels the stress-free time that they should be.