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Top Reasons to Request a Paternity Test


Few people contemplate having a paternity test completed. However, there are a few reasons you should consider having one done. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

Child Support

Probably the most used reason is to obtain child support from a child’s father. For the father, the test can ensure you do not help financially support that is not biologically yours. A mother may wish to request a paternity test through a Jacksonville family law firm when she does not have formal evidence proving parentage. Rather than pitting parents against each other, the DNA evidence is clear.

Legal Parenthood

The father may have to submit to a paternity test in order to establish legal parenthood. This allows the father’s name to be on the birth certificate when the parents are not married prior to the child’s birth. Should the couple part ways, the paternity is established for child visitation, custody and support.

Establish Citizenship

If the father had a child overseas, a paternity test can help them establish American citizenship for the child. This can help them immigrate to the country and aid the mother if the couple is not married. Many times, a paternity test is part of the evaluation process by the American embassy.

Child Custody

Many fathers want the right to have custodial rights or visitation of their children. When not married to the mother, a paternity test can help them establish their parental rights in raising the child. DNA is especially helpful when the mother does not believe the man is the rightful father.

Personal Reasons

Adopted children may want to know who their biological parents are for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they want to know if they have a predisposition for certain medical conditions or genetic diseases. They may simply want to know more about their family history. The father may want to know if the child is his before committing the time, resources and money that go into raising a child to adulthood.