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Tooth Whitening – solution to get a beautiful smile


A beautiful smile can make everybody’s day. Teeth can become yellow and you can find stains or discoloration in spite of brushing twice daily. This can put an impact on your smile. To brighten your smile, you need to brighten the teeth. The teeth whitening are one of the solutions that can help you get a beautiful smile by lightening the teeth color and removing the discoloration and stains.

Details on tooth whitening

The teeth whitening kaneohe hi is a cosmetic dental procedure done only once and repeated as and when required. The main purpose of this procedure is to improve the look of the teeth by making it white and removing stains and discoloration.

Why tooth whitening?

Whitening can be done on tooth that are stained or yellow due to one or more following reasons:

  • Tooth has an outer layer covering called enamel. With time a layer of thin coating called pellicle is formed on the surface that picks up the stain. Also the pores on the tooth can hold stains too.
  • The color that you see of the tooth is the light reflected off enamel and inner dentine. Genes can affect the thickness of the enamel and thin enamel can show the color of dentine.
  • Dentine becomes dark and enamel thick with age.
  • Teeth can stain and become yellow due to reasons like not taking proper oral care, taking tobacco and drinking coffee, cola, tea etc.
  • Intrinsic stains are ones that occur from inside due to many reasons including exposure to too much fluoride during teeth development years.

Procedures in whitening

Whitening is done at any dental clinic where dentists may treat other dental problems like cavities before brightening the teeth. There are mainly two whitening procedures that any dental clinics follow. The first one is the vital whitening where the gel containing hydrogen peroxide is applied directly on the tooth surface to whiten the tooth. In non-vital whitening procedure whitening agent is placed inside the tooth and left for few days to remove the stain from inside.