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Tips to Find the Best Dentist While You Are Traveling


Living abroad or even traveling could be exciting but, only if you are physically fit enough for a long term journey. Dental issues could arise any moment and thus, it would be wise to remember few things to find a perfect dentist abroad.

Due to the fact that you are not a local resident, most dental care centres or dentists abroad may try to loot you with their expensive charges. Thus, in order to save money you must know how to find the most affordable dentist abroad.  

Tips to find a dentist in your foreign trip:


  • Check the Country: 


Before you plan your journey, it would be wise to check which country has affordable dentist that charge you economical for your dental care or check-ups. Even a regular dental check-up may cost you heavy on your wallet in certain countries. You can very well imagine the cost of dental surgeries and similar treatments. Check the various fees of the dentists country-wise. If you are traveling to Istanbul, we must say the dentists are qualified and skilled. However, still do a background check before you proceed.


  • Number of Holidays:


It is believed that dentists in Turkeys are the most affordable. Plan your trip during holidays and you could enjoy leisure time too while getting your treatment done. Istanbul has patient dentists and beautiful places to explore simultaneously. That way, you can balance your holiday trip and treatment in the same budget. As a tourist, you definitely need a good break after that painful or irritating treatment. 


  • Exchange Pictures:


Before planning a visit abroad, it would be wisest to check the details of few reputed dentists of that country and contact them on email. Get your dental x-ray done and send the attached pictures to the dentist. Let him share the fee online and help you decide whether it is worth traveling all the miles to him or not. This would be the best way to save money on expensive dentist abroad. Ask them about the issue online or on call. Also, ask the duration of the treatment so that you can plan your trip accordingly.


  • Compare the Prices:


Get a quote from few dental care centres and compare the prices before you step outside the house for your dental treatment. Most people do this and there is no harm in doing so. It would only help you compare the prices as per their experience and qualification. Some dentists lavishly build their centres and keep good staff members however; they lack the skills to treat their patients. As a customer, is it your right to know who is the best and the cheapest in the town. 


  • The Language Skills:


Check if the dentist speaks a language that you both can understand well. Go for a dentist who speaks English. English is an international language and used world-wide. You sure will find a good dentist who can communicate well with you in English and let you understand your dental problem well. Generally, staff is hired who can speak in English too. Thus, you should not be having a trouble seeing a dentist abroad. 


  • Payment Terms:


Foreign currency and payment terms matter the most on dental surgeries and treatment. Do check with the staff or coordinators if they accept Amex or American Express cards. Dentists in Turkey are better option as they do not charge you any added commission on card payments. In fact, if you pay by cash, you will receive amazing discounts by them on your final invoice. Thus, check the payment terms and then say yes to the appointment with the dentist abroad.


  • Warranty on Dental Treatment:


Even though you have hired the best dentist in Turkey or any place abroad, hard luck may lead to some dental issues that you need to see him again. Ask for the warranty on revisits. Some dental centres are so good that they not only give you free visit and re-treatment but also, arrange for your plane ticket and accommodation. Most dentists in Turkey provide no worries warranty. Before signing the contract with your dentist, ensure that you have this point included.


  • Hidden Costs:


Isn’t that important to check? Verify if your invoice has some hidden charges. If yes, do call them before signing and confirm why that is charged to you. For any queries and concerns you may always reach out at their helpdesk number. Check out the total cost and request for a breakup if possible. They will certainly help you with the same. If you believe that somewhere the costs are not valid or do justice to your treatment, ask for an explanation from your dentist directly. However, be polite with him if your treatment is still on so that there is no disruption in your cordial relation with him.