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타이마사지 Therapy to Relax the Hands


Here are numerous movements in order to relieve the stress from pounding the keyboard all day.

  • Stretch your palms and hands out. Rub every finger from the bottom to the tip, lightly pulling and twisting every finger as you go.
  • Next, relaxation your left hand, palm upward, in your lap. Squeeze the fleshy a part of your palm among your proper thumb and index finger, transferring out of your wrist to the bottom of your thumb.
  • Now squeeze that net among your left index finger and thumb numerous times, seeking out any soft factors.
  • Then rub the whole palm together along with your proper thumb, making use of organization strain and the use of gliding strokes from the wrist to the bottom of every finger.
  • Repeat this system in your proper hand.

“Massaging 타이마사지 the palms isn’t always simplest superb for the palms however can assist to alleviate complications as well,” Gust says. The palms, just like the toes, incorporate reflexology factors that correspond to the whole frame, which includes the head, neck, eyes, ears, nostril, mouth, and sinuses.

Massage therapy to relieve neck tension

  1. While you’re sitting there on the computer, mould your palms over your shoulders. Exhale, letting your head drop returned as you slowly squeeze your hands in the direction of your palms, gliding up the muscle tissue of your returned and shoulders in the direction of your neck.
  2. Now, relaxation your elbows in your desk, permitting your head to drop ahead slightly. Massage your neck out of your shoulders to the bottom of your cranium the use of your fingertips to make small deep circles into the muscle tissue on both aspect of your backbone.
  3. Place each palms at the returned of your head, interlacing the hands. Drop your head ahead and permit the load of your elbows to tug your head lightly down, stretching the muscle tissue of your neck and people that run down your returned.

Keep in Mind before You Start 

With all of those exercises, remember, you in no way need to motive yourself ache — however you do need to attain the location this is soft, due to the fact this is wherein the anxiety is. Always stretch the muscle out after massaging the location.

“If those movements do now no longer ease your ache, touch your health practitioner to rule out any underlying scientific problem,” says rub down therapist Dale Gust “Never alternative self-rub down for correct scientific treatment.”