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Employer Is Forcing me to Go Back to Work? Know Your Rights!


You can never be forced to get back to work by your employer after a medical injury. However, specific laws protect your rights to worker compensation claims. But, if your employer is forcing you to rejoin the work or is threatening to fire you, then, in this case, you must consult a Virginia workers’ compensation lawyer immediately. 

Under no circumstance, your employer can force you to get to work if your doctor has suggested you get some rest. If they are doing that, that is considered unlawful, and you have the right to practice your power. 

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding worker compensation.

What if my employer offers me a difficult job under my medical condition?

The employer will purposely offer you jobs that will physically and emotionally challenge you and your medical restrictions. The entire motive of providing you with such a job would be to force you to quit the job. You can try all the jobs given to you by your employer, but at the same time, you must inform your authorities about your constraints due to medical injuries.

It is up to the judge to decide whether the job assigned to you is doable or not, considering your condition. If the job comes out to be not achievable, then your employer is obliged to pay you for the time you have been doing that work.

What if you are on prescriptions and you are forced to work?

Firstly, you should never do any task that is imposing a threat to your health, and you must make it clear with your employer about your injuries and health problems so that the employer is aware of your abilities and can wisely assign you tasks. For instance, certain medications can alter how you drive and be very serious for your health and others. 

What if my employer threatens to terminate me from the job while I am undergoing my medical leave?

There can be several reasons why your employer is terminating you. However, if your employer is terminating just because you are on medical leave, this is considered illegal. No Employer/company is obliged to fire their employees during medical leaves. If this happens to you, you must reach out to your human resources department and find out the reason for your termination. If the termination is by a cause like low performance, then it is acceptable, but if not, then you must immediately reach out to a Worker compensation lawyer. Your lawyer will provide you with the best advice possible.