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The use for the Proper CBD Cartridge Now


Sprays are currently on the market for cannabis accessories. An increasing number of medical patients or recreational consumers choose to spray their cannabis rather than smoking it and for good reasons.

Spraying, or vaping, of dry grass or concentrates is healthier than burning. The discretion of certain pen sprays or portable vaporizers, as well as easy storage and low odor, are key to their success in countries that are experimenting with the legalization of cannabis use at home or at home. For the cbd cartridge this is important now.


Spraying works by heating a cannabis sample (in the form of oil, oil or wax), either by passing warm air over it, or by putting it on a hot surface. The hot air or the hot part reaches or exceeds the boiling point of the different cannabinoids, which releases them to be inhaled by the user. Since this process does not use any combustion, vaporizing avoids ingestion of carcinogens and other toxins produced when any material is burned. You need the best options for the oil cartridge pen now.

Choose a cannabis vaporizer

Spraying has the advantage of being able to take full advantage of the effects of cannabis on health . It also allows users to consume their substance discreetly without disturbing people who are physically close.

Conduction against convection

Two physical mechanisms are used to vaporize: conduction and convection. Conduction involves heating the grass or oil by direct contact with a heating element. Convection, on the other hand, works by exposing the grass to a flow of hot air, such as some types of household ovens. The use of the vapor pen cartridges happen to be essential there.

Convection offers different benefits, including additional exposure of trichomes that contain all the medicinal and psychoactive properties of the plant. The result is a thicker, denser spray that delivers more cannabinoids and terpenes. Sprays that use convection, like the PAX2 that would make a nice Christmas present, may need to shake the firebox to be sure all the material is in contact with the heated surface.

PAX2 vaporizer

Often, but not always, conductive vaporizer models produce lighter smoke that lacks power compared to the convection vaporizer model. Convection sprays, such as the Volcano or Vapolution salon sprays, or the Vape Prima portable vaporizer, generally offer a higher temperature rise of the herb or cannabinoids in the concentrates.

Technically, many convection sprays use both convection and conduction to create a stronger vapor and more present aromas.

Types of vaporizers

There are three main categories of vaporizers, at affordable price ranges and with very different functionality and designs. Of course there are more expensive models than others, but the first prices can start from € 20.

Office vaporizers

Office vaporisers plug into an outlet for use and are among the most expensive, they cost between € 100 and € 600. They produce a very good quality steam and extract the maximum of grass or oil.