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The Unknown factors in Rehab Process



Excessive alcohol consumption can affect the lives of the drinker and others. According to WHO, harmful alcohol consumption (alcoholism) is a causal factor of 200 injuries and illnesses. So we need to talk more about him. He needs to choose the best drug rehab for couples now.

The Definition of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is characterized by excessive use of alcohol. It is serious and involves the ability to manage consumption habits, i.e. when difficult to control. In case of the couples rehab this is important.

  • Alcohol use disorder can be divided into three categories, mild, moderate and severe. Each category has its harmful characteristics and symptoms.
  • People who suffer from alcoholism feel that they do not have the ability to function normally without substance use.
  • However, over time, addiction begins to affect social life, relationships, as well as one’s career goals and health.
  • Like any addiction, the sooner it is discovered and dealt with, the more chances of recovery.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

You should probably think that alcohol abuse is easy to identify, however, some signs may be less recognizable. Another important detail is that the person may not show all the signs, especially if they cover up the consumption.

There is no exact formula for determining whether or not an abusive alcohol user can coexist with other problems. There are ample options for couples rehabs now.

Currently, the best clinics that seek to offer a complete and efficient program for drug addicts should have a multidisciplinary team, including: doctors, psychologists and assistance from various health professionals who will treat the patient physically and mentally.

Duration And Program Of Hospitalization:

There is no general and exact period. The duration of treatment is different for each addiction and individual. However, the rule is that all serious treatment takes reasonable time. Thus, one needs to be wary of clinics that offer instant and short-term programs.

However, it is important to remember that hospitalization serves as a way for drug addicts to understand that this is the first step to stay clean and that at the end of treatment, the clinic should continue follow-up so that they do not return to using drugs. The Couples rehab is the best choice here.

About Drug Treatment:

Not all treatments require medication, but should the need arise, the family should be aware prior to admission.

Thus, it is important to check which medications will be used, for how long and what is the need for each medication during the period of hospitalization of the drug addict.


Knowing the food of the place is also an important factor to make the choice of the clinic, because most drug addicts are in poor health and need a specific diet and menu. We know that all drug addicts are more vulnerable to diseases such as anemia. Because of this, the diet must be specific, healthy and diverse.  After all of the above, it is worth noting that we know that it is not easy to make the choice to go to a family or to be admitted to a rehab.