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The subconscious can heal the body – explains Oren Zarif


Your subconscious is the power of all the states of your being. It is the seat of your highest consciousness, the seat of your mind, your soul and the focus of all the other states of being that make up your life. The subconscious is what makes you want to eat right, it’s what makes you want to sleep right, it’s what makes you want to walk on that drive instead of this asthma attack. Your subconscious can heal your body easily. It is a wonderful tool given to us from birth, but most people do not use its power until some trauma has happened to them.

When you experience pain, the body sends a message to the conscious mind to let you know that something is wrong. Pain is a kind of energetic signal to warn you that something is wrong. You can then use this information to determine how to fix it. You can also use these signals to understand how future pain can be prevented. The subconscious can heal the body through its energy, if you learn how to harness its power.

Every human being experiences the law of attraction in his daily life. This is where it all begins. Basically everything has its own mind, even in a physical state. Everything has the potential to be physically formed. The only thing limiting this process is your imagination.

Everything in your physical life begins in the subconscious and moves forward as a result of the same situation. You are always creating new memories, new thoughts, new feelings, new desires, etc. Your subconscious constantly informs your conscious mind and directs the latter to where you want things to go. Explains Oren Zarif

Because of this, your brain has to work very hard to keep up with what you are sending to your conscious mind. The constant bid meter can be a bit condescending for the average person. For anyone who’s ever been in a hypnotic trance, you know exactly what I’m talking about. In order to get out of the trance state and transfer your consciousness to the conscious consciousness, you must be able to trust the subconscious mind to do its work.

This is where subliminal audio programs come in. Through these programs you can teach your mind to stop thinking about what you do not want it to return to. If you want the subconscious to heal the body, you must convince yourself that it can do the job. Most people never fully understand how the brain works, so it is up to you to take control and get the results you want.

How it works is this: your subconscious learns through experience that certain behaviors yield certain results. If you think about hitting someone with baseball, your brain goes into a “fight or flight” state and causes all sorts of physiological changes in your body to prepare you for action. You can easily convince yourself that hitting someone with baseball will make you feel better than just moving away from the situation. When your consciousness learns this, the subconscious continues to teach itself to replicate the same behaviors in similar situations.¬†Oren Zarif¬†explains

You can easily use the power of your subconscious to cure yourself of a variety of ailments, including insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, depression and even weight loss. It has been proven that you can learn to change your beliefs and change the way you think and perceive things in ways that have caused you problems in the past. You no longer have to be hypnotized to achieve these goals. By learning how the mind works and regaining conscious control to give to your conscious mind, you can heal your body and change your life for the better.