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The Right Choices for the Best Toothpaste and Brushes Now


Does not that mean anything to you? We tell you everything about the operation of electric toothbrushes. Want to discover the benefits of connected toothbrushes? Check out our tips and find your perfect toothbrush. Keep smiling. A visit to NicerSmile.com makes things perfect now.

Accessories for your electric toothbrush

Several technologies

With an electric toothbrush, you can sleep on both ears. This device removes more dental plaque, better cleans the interdental space, and contributes to better gum care than a manual model. How? ‘Or’ What? Here is a brief explanation of the three technologies:

Oscillation and rotation system: The rounded head of the electric toothbrush allows deep cleaning around each tooth.

System with oscillations, rotations and pulsations: the head turns and vibrates simultaneously, for a better elimination of dental plaque.

Sonic system: the head moves from left to right while vibrating. The brushing mode is similar to a manual toothbrush, making it easier to brush. Through the action of dynamic fluid, the toothpaste reaches the interdental spaces for thorough cleaning.

Several brushing modes

Important to know: for good oral hygiene, your teeth and / or your gums sometimes require appropriate care. That’s why some electric toothbrushes offer you several modes:

Daily cleaning: the most used mode, it is ideal for daily brushing.

Sensitive: Do you have pain or are your teeth sensitive to cold or heat? In this case, you have particularly sensitive teeth and this mode is recommended.

Polishing / Whitening: Do you often smoke or drink coffee, tea or red wine on a regular basis? Use the Polishing or Whitening mode to avoid stains. You will even have whiter teeth.

Gum care: this mode takes special care of your gums.

Deep cleaning: Electric toothbrushes with deep cleaning mode allow brushing for more than two minutes. You will enjoy the same feeling of clean teeth after a visit to the dentist.

Cleaning the tongue: this mode is ideal for freshening your breath.

Many of these modes use a suitable head for even better results. Some models have softer bristles, a polishing head, a tongue scraper, and so on.


Avoid too much pressure

We tend to exercise up to twice as much pressure when brushing. Result? You damage your gums and diminish the effect of brushing, the hair being crushed. Hence the great utility of an electric toothbrush with pressure sensor. Too much pressure? The sensor warns you by means of a signal, for example through a warning light or vibrations. You can adapt your brushing and protect your gums to the maximum.

The ideal duration of brushing?

According to specialists, it is at least two minutes, but we get tired much faster on average. An electric toothbrush with built-in timer helps you to brush all areas for a sufficient and even time. Some devices come with a special accessory to track time, or offer the ability to do so by means of an application.