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The Perfect Success in Detox Process



Detoxification is the process of removing toxins, slags and other substances that have a negative impact on the body. The herb and the products of its disintegration adversely affect the person: destroy brain cells, slow down thinking processes and cause the state of withdrawal symptoms (addiction). Therefore, detoxification should be used in case of drug intoxication with weed.

There are certain factors that affect the speed of detoxification:

  • Frequency of use; Strength of grass (percentage of cannabis content)
  • The amount of excess fat


For example: a person who once smoked mild marijuana, who has a fast metabolism and the absence of excess fat, is completely cleared for 2-3 days after consumption. Whereas, an inveterate thick smoker of strong grass with metabolic disorders will recover 70-80 days. Feature of detoxification from the grass are the reasons that affected the need for this procedure.

Two circumstances stand out in the context of the modern way of life: Conducting tests for the detection of drugs from employees or drivers.

Direct complete purification of the body of marijuana

To put it another way: to disguise and remove the appearance of traces of use, or really deliberately conduct detoxification.

Preparing for a drug test

The current practice of detecting herbs is associated with the spread of this type of drug and the relative ease of use. From the phuket detox you will have these options.

Methods of testing are tests that include testing urine, blood, saliva and hair:

Urine test – the most common option, gives good results, because it determines not only marijuana, but also the products of its decay, finds traces of a 3-week-old use;

The saliva test is not informative, does not give a 100% guarantee and is not common;

The blood test is not popular, the blood takes out the herb for 2 days, it is convenient for obtaining quick results;

The hair test is extremely informative, gives a 100% guarantee and determines the possibility of using the herb for 4-6 months before the test. To remove the traces of kanabinol quickly does not work, and if smoked yesterday, and even more so, the test will definitely detect the fact of using marijuana.

If you know about the test in advance for 3-4 days, you should take a number of measures to avoid detection:

  • Drink more water.
  • Water will remove toxins, dilute the urine and lubricate the test result.

Disguise the color of urine so as not to get caught, so 3 days before the test, you need: eat a lot of red meat, take for 3 days, creatinine (as a food supplement 1 time per day), and 3 hours before the test – take 75 g of vitamin B, with a liter of water; For 3 days, eat cabbage, spinach, cucumbers for 100 grams of each product; Do not use milk and dairy products , as well as meat products – fats interfere with cleaning.