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Some Essential Facts About Double Eyelid Surgery


Double Eyelids surgery costs (ทํา ตา สอง ชั้น ราคา, which is the term in Thai) are nearly $4,000, and the surgeries are executed by the professional plastic surgeon who is much experienced in this field. Due to the aesthetic trend that emphasises eye health and the distinctive features of Thai people’s eyes, which have thick eyelids, the prevalence of double eyelids among Asians, particularly in Thailand, has rapidly risen. There is a lot of eyelid fat, ptosis, the illusion of single eyelids, and internally lowering eyes. Ptosis usually develops in front of the eye layer over time.

Types Of Surgery Techniques

1.  Incisional

2.  Non-Inclinational

Inclitional Method

There Are Specific Fundamental Steps For Double Eyelid Surgery:

  • A pen will be used to measure and mark the intended double eyelid line correctly.
  • Along with local anaesthetic, doctors will provide IV medication, or general anaesthesia
  • There will be several tiny incisions made across a dual eyelid line.
  • It will remove the marked skin.
  • Between the incisions, the doctor will cut the orbicularis oculi muscle fat


The Fundamental Procedures For Double Cosmetic Treatments Using An Incision Are As Follows:

You can also grow a second eyelid without making an incision. The “hidden suture technique” is what we refer to as this process. Additionally, local anaesthesia, IV medication, and local anaesthetic are used throughout the procedure. The eyelid will be precisely defined and marked, much like the incisional method. You are required to research the market review and find the best place to fix your eyelids (แก้ไข หนัง ตา ตก ที่ไหน ดี, term in Thai).The skin is then punctured along the line with a succession of tiny holes. Through the punctures, sutures are inserted and tightened until they create the correct crease. The sutures will continue to be hidden behind the skin.

With the non-incisional surgery, you’ll have less scarring, and it can be undone. The non-incisional approach can be suitable if you require extra fat to be removed.

Who Is Suitable For Double Eyelid Surgery?

Qualities that make double eyelid surgery a good fit most people have common eye traits. You suffer from the following vision issues:

  • Individuals with single eyelids desire twin eyelids
  • People with uneven eye layers have sagging eyes.
  • Those whose eyes are not equally balanced
  • People who have swollen eyes, extra eyelids, or eyelid fat.
  • People who have weak eye muscles

How Do You Care After Surgery?

  • Applying cold compress as fast as possible
  • Sleeping with your head a slight elevated
  • Avoid straining, coughing and sneezing
  • Taking medication as advised by the doctor
  • Applying ointment to the affected area