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Rejuvenating Effects of Facelift Surgery in San Francisco


Are you having increased skin laxity, fine wrinkles, prominent jowls, facial volume loss, or deep ‘smile lines’? Especially if you are in your 40’s through 60’s- this might be causing you to lose your youthful appearance and maybe your overall confidence. Do you think it is time you pursued the rejuvenating effects of cosmetic procedures? Meet San Francisco facial plastic surgeon at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The rejuvenating effects of the provided services will have you wipe a decade off your appearance. Please schedule an appointment to learn more about their practice.

How Does Facelift Work?

Unlike popular beliefs, a facelift only works on the jawline, neck, jowls, and cheeks (lower 2/3 of your face). Also termed as rhytidectomy, this procedure focuses on smoothing folds and deep facial wrinkles. Besides, it also redefines the jawline, to remove saggy jowls and to elevate drooping cheeks.

To enhance the quality of the procedure, Dr. MacDonald complements this procedure with neck liposuction or neck lift surgery. These procedures combined will work to give a well-contoured neck and chin and allows the natural jawline and cheek silhouette to prevail.

Do’s Before a Facelift Surgery

Dr. MacDonald’s recommends that you focus on getting your skin and body healthy before the procedure. Also, inquire about the surgical recovery chart to plan effectively on required downtime. Take a rest and ensure you have peace of mind before the process. Since it is likely something you will do once in your lifetime- take your time to plan well.

Facelift Surgery Details

The surgical procedure is done in a hospital setting. The providers will give you slight anesthesia. The doctor proceeds to make incisions behind your ears- usually within your hairline to hide the scar. Dr. MacDonald focuses on re-contouring and tightening effects in the face and neck’s musculature, fatty, and subcutaneous tissues beneath the skin. Using liposuction, he removes excess pockets of fatty tissues.

Dr. MacDonald then realigns your skin to remove the sagging skin and give you the rejuvenated appearance. Depending on what other procedures were incorporated, this surgery takes 4-6 hours. Check the ‘before and after’ photos on the facility’s webpage to see what this procedure can do for you.

Healing after Facelift Procedure

Dr. MacDonald will apply a light-pressure dressing immediately after surgery that is removable in 1-2 days. He recommends bed rest for patients to give your body enough downtime. Discomfort and post-op pain is minimal, but if necessary, he will prescribe some pain medications. The provider will remove any non-dissolvable staples and sutures after about 5-7 days.

You will likely experience some slight swelling and bruising after surgery and is likely to last for about two weeks. After these two weeks, you should feel well enough to be comfortable in pubic and disguise any bruising with makeup concealers. The numbness you might experience in your earlobes will gradually subside as you recover. By six months post-op, you should see the full results. Download the Facelift post-op instruction sheet to act as an easy reference guide during this healing process.

In conclusion, Dr. MacDonald has vast experience and knowledge in facelift surgery. He incorporates advanced medical techniques and technology to enhance the quality of these treatments. Schedule an appointment with the facility through mobile or request for one using the online booking tool.