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Rehab Centers in North Jersey see Drug Use Becoming a Holiday Tradition


When September arrives, you may begin to feel excited about the holiday season that is rapidly approaching. The memories from your childhood of Santa bringing presents, family get-togethers, and celebrations that you took part in make you relive the joy that you experienced during the holidays. However, around Thanksgiving, your excitement turns to anxiety. Then, the depression hits around the middle of December as you see all of the holiday decorations and Christmas joy that people experience, yet you struggle to find it. You can’t seem to find the root of your depression and anxiety, but you also can’t seem to get rid of them. It is at this point in your lifethat you may feel the need to turn to substances to make you feel better, such as alcohol, opioids, or benzodiazepines in an effort to beat your depression and anxiety alone without bringing others down with you.

While you see stories on the news outlets of those that have overdosed during the holiday season, you begin to wonder why others (and yourself) experience these feelings during the holidays. Why are anxiety and depression so prevalent during the holidays? Is it too late to save yourself? You are definitely not alone, and hopefully, we can help you get the treatment that you need to stop the drugs and/or alcohol and avoid an overdose at our treatment facility.

Drug Use and the Holidays

While many may believe that the holidays are a time of celebration, families being together and experiencing joy, there are people who feel and experience the opposite. The statistics show that rates of drug overdose skyrockets during the holiday season. In addition, these statistics show that the following increases:

  • Car accidents.
  • Serious violence.

In most cases, overdoses may happen to those who simply overdo it while trying to have a good time over the holiday season. These are the people who feel they can only have a good time while using alcohol or abusing substances during holiday gatherings. What these people don’t understand is that there may be underlying health issues that a person is experiencing, and this is leading them to their persistent and consistent use of these substances. To avert such unfortunate incidents, it would be advisable for them to check in to substance abuse facilities in NJ.

Get Help from The Best Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in New Jersey

Drug and alcohol abuse during the holiday is a real tragedy that needs to be better understood by the general public, along with the medical world. Too many families helplessly watch their loved ones suffer and struggle from severe mental health issues along with drug use. These families need more help available for their loved ones who are experiencing addiction, especially over the holidays.

This is where New Jersey rehab facilitiescome into play. During our program, we focus on treating the issue at the core and help those addicted to understand what their triggers are and how to avoid these triggers. We will assess mental health issues such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma

We help our patients overcome these issues in a controlled and successful manner. You will be in good hands if you want the best drug and alcohol treatment in New Jersey. We want to help you become a healthier person during the holidays. We can help you experience the joy you once had about the holiday season. To get started, contact our detox treatment center today for more information.